Pro-family activist wins defamation lawsuit after play depicts her as ‘hate monger’ zombie

Famed Catholic sociologist Gabriele Kuby wins lawsuit after radio station repeats forged quotes from play that depicts her as a pro-fascist zombie
Wed Feb 26, 2020 - 3:12 pm EST
Gabriele Kuby from Rimsting, Germany
Gabriele Kuby from Rimsting, Germany

GERMANY, February 26, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) – Famed Catholic sociologist and pro-family advocate Gabriele Kuby has won a defamation lawsuit against a radio station that broadcast content from a play that depicted her as a pro-fascist “zombie” who preached hate and could only die by receiving a bullet to the head.

A German court ordered Deutschland Radio to pay Kuby 5,000 Euros in damages. 

Kuby initially sued the Berlin theatre "Schaubühne" and Falk Richter, homosexual author and director of the play “Fear,” on a charge of character assassination, after she was depicted in the play as a “zombie” needing to be killed for her “antiquated” beliefs.

The introduction to the play portrays Kuby, along with four other women as “zombies, returned from the past, who reiterate a vocabulary and rhetoric that throws us back into the times of national socialism.” Counted among these zombies are also “Christian fundamentalist hate mongers, worried citizens,” and “parents who are afraid of alternative models of the family and the acceptance of sexual diversity.”

A shot from the play "Fear," by homosexual Falk Richter.

Kuby, well-known for her criticism of “gender ideology,”  is reproached in the play as a “hate monger.” To make this point, the author manipulates quotations and puts words in her mouth that she never said in support of a totalitarian state. In reality, Kuby has incessantly warned of a new totalitarianism. 

Play director Richter had taken a speech made by Kuby in 2014, where she spoke of the “misuse of language and misuse of terms” and how it was politically incorrect to use the word "Fascists" and parsed it into Kuby saying “what we need above all are...fascists."

Deutschland Radio than broadcast the manipulated quote from Kuby, praising Richter and his play for outing “those who stir up fear and preach hatred” by means of the “powerful weapon” of their own words. Deutschland Radio even went as far as emphasizing the authenticity of the words that Richter put in Kuby’s mouth. 

In 2018 the Berlin Higher Regional Court forbade the Schaubühne and Richter to repeat the "serious abuse for which there is no basis.”

Kuby then sued Deutschland Radio after it repeated the forged quotes. 

Yesterday Kuby announced that on December 17, 2019, the Hamburg Higher Regional Court agreed with the previous court judgment in the case of Deutschland Radio. Due to the seriousness of the violation of personal rights considered her request for monetary compensation to be justified. 

“Good news for me and the rule of law: I won in a second instance in the legal dispute against Deutschland Radio.

When launching her first lawsuit in 2016 Kuby said that “Falk Richter demonstrates with his play ‘Fear’ exactly the totalitarian spirit which I always warn of.” 

She explained that she was carrying out the lawsuit “because freedom of speech is at stake, a basic democratic right. Democracy thrives on free open discourse. This discourse cannot be sacrificed to political correctness. Whoever does not comply will be ostracized, bullied, and punished with public smear campaigns. We should not allow this.”

Gabriele Kuby's milestone work, The Global Sexual Revolution — Destruction of Freedom in the Name of Freedom — has been published in English by Angelico Press.

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