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Pro-family Canadians (left) face-off against pro-LGBT counter-protesters (right) at the Million Person March in Ottawa on September 20, 2023.LifeSiteNews

OTTAWA, Ontario (LifeSiteNews) — This morning, thousands of concerned parents, children and citizens descended upon Canada’s capital of Ottawa, and other cities across the country, for the much-anticipated Million Person March against LGBT indoctrination in the nation’s schools.

Exclusive footage from LifeSiteNews shows at least 3,000 pro-family Canadians having gathered near Parliament Hill at the Ottawa protest, rivaled by an estimated 350 counter-protesters.

Police dividing line between pro-family Canadians and pro-LGBT counter-protesters at Million Person March in Ottawa

According to LifeSite’s John-Henry Westen, who was on the ground at the Ottawa march, there was a noticeable number of children present on the pro-family side of the protest, with very few if any children present on the pro-LGBT side. Westen also estimates that the pro-family side outnumbered the pro-LGBT side by roughly ten to one.

Parents with their children at the Million Person March in Ottawa

Having taken place today, Wednesday, September 20, the Million Person March was a coast-to-coast protest gathering Canadians of all ages, races, and religions to defend children from LGBT indoctrination in schools. 

WATCH: Pro-family Canadians flood Ottawa for #1MillionMarch4Children against LGBT indoctrination

— John-Henry Westen (@JhWesten) September 20, 2023

There are well over 3000 people even now. Canada is waking up and marching for our children.#LeaveOurKidsAlone #1MillionMarch4Kids #1MillionMarch4Chidren

— John-Henry Westen (@JhWesten) September 20, 2023

The protest, organized by Muslim Canadians, has adopted the slogan, “Leave our kids alone,” specifically in regard to gender ideology, age-inappropriate sexual content in school libraries, and LGBT propaganda.  

Protests were planned for cities all across Canada, with the main event taking place in Ottawa, where Canadians gathered at Parliament Hill at 9 a.m. EST and marched downtown at 11 a.m. 

Counter-protesters were expected at the events after leaked video footage of a Zoom call appeared online last week showing unions leaders encouraging their members to oppose the pro-family efforts.

Protests in Toronto, Montreal and other cities across the country

Beyond the main protest in Ottawa, many other cities across the country also saw a sizable turnout of pro-family demonstrators.

Video footage from Toronto and Calgary posted to social media by True North shows thousands of pro-family citizens gathered in protest against LGBT indoctrination in both cities.

Alexandra Lavoie from Rebel News shared similar videos online from Montreal, Quebec, showing a massive presence of pro-family protesters, pro-LGBT counter-protesters, as well as police.

Sheila-Gunn Reid, also from Rebel, posted tamer but similar footage from the protest in Regina, Saskatchewan.

In addition to major cities, smaller cities such as Hamilton, Ontario, Pickering, Ontario, and Mississauga, Ontario, also saw a large turnout of pro-family protesters coming out in defense of children.

LifeSiteNews is on the ground in Ottawa. Video and written updates will be added to this article as they happen.