Pro-family leader slams Auckland’s ‘Big Gay Out’ for billing itself as ‘family friendly’

“How can parents expose little children to such distorted and anti-traditional-family ‘fun’?” asked Dame Colleen Bayer, director of Family Life International NZ.
Thu Feb 13, 2014 - 5:22 pm EST

AUCKLAND, New Zealand, February 13, 2014 (  The LYC Big Gay Out, an event celebrating the homosexual lifestyle and all its variants, drew thousands of people, including children, on Sunday to an Auckland park.

Now in its 15th year, it is described on the Big Gay Out’s website as “a cornerstone event on New Zealand’s rainbow calendar.” It features entertainment, market stalls and “free and confidential sexual health and HIV testing.”

People were encouraged to bring their family and friends for a picnic.  There were face painters available and performers just for the children.  People were reminded that the playground would be open and available.

The Big Gay Out is sponsored by Love Your Condom,  “a community-focused programme designed to create a condom culture across Aotearoa New Zealand.”  It is aimed specifically at gay and bisexual men.

Other sponsors include The NZ Aids Foundation, Durex, AUT University, Auckland Council as well as a number of bars. 

New Zealand Prime Minister John Key attended for the eighth time.  He happily posed for photos with drag queens and scantily dressed topless men, while declaring the event a “celebration of diversity in New Zealand.”

Speaking to the press on Sunday, Key took credit for helping New Zealand become the 13th nation in the world to redefine marriage, saying, “If I hadn’t voted for gay marriage, it’s less likely that it would have passed.”

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Key was joined by various other politicians, including Labour leader David Cunliffe who hopes to oust the National Party in the general election later this year.

Event goers expressed their delight at seeing so many families.  Dressed in drag, one person commented, “When I see a lot more children here that’s what it’s all about really, families and children.”

Pro-family leaders are outraged that such an event would be deemed suitable for children.

“How can parents expose little children to such distorted and anti-traditional-family ‘fun’?” asked Dame Colleen Bayer, director of Family Life International NZ. 

She went on to blame the “lack of principled leadership” in the country saying that her “heart is broken.”

“The intent of leaders and organisations on breaking down the traditional family and most importantly the Christian foundations on which the family should be built is immense in this country,”  Bayer lamented.

The Big Gay Out is one of many events in the Auckland Pride Festival, which is held over two weeks.  It will culminate in the Auckland Pride Parade on February 22.  This parade usually features topless women, people wearing only body art and in times past floats with a masochist leaning.

Many people bring their children along to watch the spectacle.

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