OTTAWA, May 5, 2003 ( – Pro-family groups reacted swiftly to the B.C. Court of Appeal’s decision in favour of homosexual marriage last week.  REAL Women of Canada said, “Nowhere else in the western world have courts had the effrontery and arrogance to make such revolutionary decisions on behalf of the public on an issue which affects the foundations of society. … The myth that judges are impartial has been shattered by this irresponsible decision.”  The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada’s Bruce Clemenger said, “The definition of a pre-existing social, cultural and religious institution like marriage is not foremost a matter for the courts to determine,” and warned, “There is a danger of a growing dissonance between courts and society when the Charter is used to fundamentally reshape a basic social concept like marriage,” which section 15 was never intended to encompass.  The Canada Family Action Coalition said the judges were “political appointees” whose ruling “not only ignores the constitution and the historic role of Parliament, but it also is a slap in the face of Canadian citizens in that it renders the public hearings presently taking place on this topic a completely ‘useless exercise’.”  The Interfaith Coalition factum can be viewed at: