Fanatical pro-abortion Canadian Delegation Walked out Because of US Pro-Life Stand

UNITED NATIONS, May 13, 2002 ( – A LifeSite correspondent at the United Nations General Assembly Special Session on Children reports that the final outcome document of the session does not contain references to “reproductive health services” – language which a former Canadian delegation to the UN revealed includes abortion.  The Special Session which ended Friday after heated round-the-clock negotiations saw Canada and the European Union, along with a few Latin American countries, battling for language to promote abortion, homosexuality and graphic sex education for children.  However, the courageous resolve of the United States with the support of the Holy See and some Muslim countries served to preserve language in support of the family in the document and to eliminate the pro-abortion terminology.  Despite these victories in fighting off new anti-family measures within the outcome document, A World Fit for Children, US proposals for pro-family wording were rejected.  The US attempted unsuccessfully to have “sexual abstinence” and “fidelity” listed among the strategies for reducing disease and unwanted pregnancy.  The fanatically pro-abortion Canadian delegation marched out of negotiations at one point because the US was insistent that references to reproductive health services be removed.  Canadian delegate Gilbert Laurin complained bitterly after the document was finalized.  “This document falls significantly short,” he whined, adding that women should have “the right to make informed choices about one’s own sexual and reproductive health”- a strange comment considering that the document and conference were solely about children.  See the UN release on the end of the session and related coverage: (registration required)