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(LifeSiteNews) – German European MEP Christine Anderson fought back hard after being called a “known Nazi” by a Canadian Liberal MP in Canada’s House of Commons.

On Tuesday, Liberal MP Jennifer O’Connell directly referred to Anderson as a “known Nazi” while criticizing Conservative Party of Canada (CPC) MP Leslyn Lewis for meeting with the German MEP last month when she visited Canada.

“I’m just curious if she (Lewis) thinks there should be consequences or retribution for members of this House who meet with known Nazis, who spread misinformation, disinformation, glorify the Holocaust, who speak against anti-Muslim rhetoric,” O’Connell said.

“Does she condemn her actions by meeting with a neo-Nazi in this country who spout anti-Muslim rhetoric?”

After learning that O’Connell called her a “known Nazi,” Anderson fought back.

“Seriously, they are still going on about me? Gosh, I must have either underestimated my impact OR I must have scared the hell out of them,” she tweeted.

After some on social media seemed to agree with O’Connell’s name-calling, Anderson fought back further.

“Not only am I not a Nazi, I detest the Nazi ideology and I will fight anyone trying to bring back that despicable ideology,” Anderson tweeted.

“But see, that is the problem they’re having with me! I’m actually fighting Nazism, rather than standing by in silence and letting them bring it in on again!”

Anderson, of Germany’s Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) Party, was in Canada recently meeting with various people related to the Freedom Convoy, including one of the movement’s leaders, Tamara Lich.

Members of the AfD advocate for less immigration and have been critical of Islam’s impact on Europe, notably through mass migration.

Anderson has also been critical of extreme forms of Islam prevalent in countries such as Afghanistan, accusing them of mistreating women.

After news of O’Connell calling Anderson a “Nazi” made the rounds on social media, some pointed out how bizarre it was to call a sitting German MEP a “Nazi.”

“O’Connell calls Christine Anderson a Nazi. That’s insane; it’s defamatory; it’s untrue,” Rebel News founder Ezra Levant wrote on Twitter.

“And if it were true, Anderson would be in jail. It is a crime in Germany to be a Nazi. O’Connell herself is a fountain of disinformation. Is she stupid or malicious? I think: both.”

Last month, Lewis met with Anderson and CPC MPs Colin Carrie and Dean Allison. After the pictures made the rounds online, CPC leader Pierre Poilievre issued a statement saying, “Anderson’s views are vile and have no place in our politics.”

As for O’Connell’s criticism of Lewis having met with Anderson, the black Canadian MP spared no words in going on the offensive after a Liberal MP accused her of being a Nazi supporter for meeting with the MEP.

Lewis told O’Connell directly that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is the one who’s racist.

“The prime minister put on blackface so many times, he has degraded black people,” Lewis said Tuesday.

“He literally put a banana in his pants. And you have the audacity, you have the audacity to stand and look at me as a black woman and ask about my meeting with another member of the European Parliament,” Lewis said.

“That is within my job description,” Lewis continued. “I do not have to, I do not have to approve of everything that another member believes in in order to have the decency to have meetings with or with other individuals.”

Earlier this month, Poilievre said he will not remove from his caucus the three MPs who met with pro-Freedom Convoy Anderson.

Trudeau is known to have dressed up in blackface many times before he became prime minister, and photos of him doing so are widely circulated online.

As noted by LifeSiteNews journalist Kennedy Hall in an opinion piece last year, “Trudeau is the real racist, as he is completely out of touch with who supports the movement.”

“Justin Trudeau has labeled a diverse group of freedom loving Canadians as racist and extremist, yet he is well-known to have worn blackface on at least three occasions and to have admitted he can’t remember the actual number of his offenses,” Hall wrote.

Meanwhile, in 2021, Trudeau called people who chose not to get the abortion-tainted experimental COVID shots “racist” and “misogynist,” and then asked if Canadians should “tolerate these people.”

He also said in 2022 that Freedom Convoy supporters were a “fringe minority” with “unacceptable” views.