IRELAND, March 27, 2014 ( – Famed Irish singer, politician, and pro-life leader Dana Rosemary Scallon warns that Christians in the West could soon be banned from teaching their faith because of the tightening grip of pro-homosexual anti-discrimination laws.

“We are going to find very soon, I believe, that it will be against the law to teach our faith. It’s going to be against the law to proclaim our faith — our teachings on this subject [of marriage-and-family and respect for life] in particular — because of anti-discrimination laws,” said Scallon in an interview with LifeSiteNews.

Scallon, a world class musician who won the Eurovision Song Contest in 1970, said she witnessed first hand the deliberate eroding of her country’s morals and values by a heavy-handed European Union (EU) while serving as a member of the European Parliament from 1999 to 2004.

“All the time they were pushing a very ferocious pro-abortion agenda,” she said, noting how countries would be refused aid unless they subscribed to the abortion agenda.


Scallon said that Ireland’s constitutional protection of the unborn from conception allowed her to be a voice opposing the EU’s agenda to spread abortion and anti-family policies in member states.

“Our constitution was the stumbling block of Europe on abortion and on the protection of family,” she said.

Scallon said it became “very clear” to her after serving only a few months at her new post that the European Parliament had anti-family and anti-life designs for member states. Once adopted at the parliamentary level, she said, they would be imposed on member states in a matter of time.

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She gave the example of the European Charter of Fundamental Rights with its ambiguous and watered-down definitions that all member states were pressured to ratify one way or another.

“It said that ‘everyone has the right to life,’ but never defined ‘everyone,’” she said. “It separated the child from the parents. The only mention of parents was that the child had the right to be with the parents, if it was in the child’s best interest. But who decided that?”

Scallon said that the recent overturning of Ireland’s protection for the unborn and the push to redefine the family and marriage comes directly from the EU.

“Was it because the people of the country were clamoring and asking for this? No! It’s because it’s already been decided on the European level.”

Scallon knows that defenders of the unborn and those making a stand for real marriage are facing a Goliath, but she tells people not to give up hope.

“I believe that it’s going to get more and more difficult. Does that mean that we should give up or feel hopeless? Absolutely not. I think we’ve got to be absolutely full of hope. And full of determination.”

How does one keep hope? By keeping one’s eyes fixed on God through “prayer, adoration, and the rosary,” she said.

If we are rooted in truth and rooted in love, God will give us strength. He will give us help when we need it, she said.