Monday June 26, 2000


TORONTO, June 26 ( – The June 22-28 edition of Toronto’s subculture newspaper, NOW, contains a major article by writer Scott Anderson confirming the extensive political involvement of key homosexual activists in the Harris government and the Tom Long Alliance leadership campaign. The article names names and details how the homosexual movement influenced Mike Harris and Tom Long to accept its agenda.

One of the activists the article extensively quotes is George Marsland who, along with Jaime Watt, co-founded the gay Canadian Human Rights Campaign and was a key advisor to the Tom Long campaign.

Anderson states that “The Ontario Premier’s coming around to the gay cause has been credited, in part, to Watt, who, for example, worked quietly to dissuade Harris from using the notwithstanding clause to challenge a Supreme Court of Canada decision that said the opposite-sex definition of spouse in the province’s Family Law Act is unconstitutional.” Speaking of this incident, Harris’ appointment of homosexual activist Keith Norton to head the Ontario Human Rights Commission and the recently passed homosexual benefits Bill C-5, Marsland says, “Jamie did a lot of work behind the scenes to build comfort on those things.”

Regarding the C-5 omnibus bill, the article states: “It was Norton who recommended the 67 amendments to the Tories.” Marsland is quoted as saying “Sixty-seven pieces of amending legislation were passed without a whimper. No muss. no fuss. that’s an accomplishment.”

Normal democratic process was dramatically suspended for the bill. No public input was permitted. The bill’s text was withheld from the public until the day of the final vote which was unexpectedly held at night, only three days after the bill was introduced. Furthermore, during the so-called “debate” on third reading, the three parties apparently conspired to permit only positive comments, with every opposing Tory MPP being silenced. An additional result of this conspiracy was that a recorded vote, which must be requested, was avoided.

It is expected that gay activists will accuse LifeSite of “attacking” gays for simply quoting the information published in the gay-supportive NOW newspaper.

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