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In James and Jude’s school photos from pre-K at Spanish Schoolhouse, both are dressed as boys.Madeleine Jacob / LifeSiteNews

Update: Judge Kim Cooks has ruled that James' parents will have joint conservatorship over him. Read more by clicking here.

TEXAS, October 17, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) – A number of expert witnesses and healthcare workers testified in court yesterday about transgenderism and James Younger, the seven-year-old whose mother, Anne Georgulas, wants to “transition” him into a girl against his father’s wishes.

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Dr. Benjamin Albritton continued his testimony, followed by Diane Zilca of Dallas County Family Services; Rebekka Ouer, James’ counselor from Dallas Rainbow Therapy; Dr. Abel Tomatis, James’ “trauma therapist”; Jasmine Jackson, a Child Protective Services investigator; and finally, Dr. Daniel Schumer, a pediatric endocrinologist from the University of Michigan. 

There were many highlights from the testimonies, and there were a few common veins throughout them. Most of the expert witnesses spoke about the fluidity of James’ gender “presentation,” and the positive long-term impact of James’ identifying with his biological sex.

Mr. Odeneal, the attorney for James’ dad Jeffrey Younger, and the amicus attorney focused on the discussion of the criteria for a gender “dysphoria” diagnosis and the definition of gender itself. Each professional who commented on gender gave a slightly nuanced answer and all of them prefaced their statements with, “I think gender is…” 

“Gender is in the brain…It's not that you want to be [a gender], it’s that you are,” Ms. Ouer told the court. 

“Gender is more socially constructed,” Dr. Tomatis said. “It is someone’s innate sense of oneself as masculine or feminine.” 

“Gender is an internal sense of oneself as a boy or girl, man or woman, or any gender in between….it’s a social construct,” Dr. Schumer insisted. “Everyone is born without a gender identity.” 

Gender is the focus of the case as Georgulas – a pediatrician – is working to convince the court that she deserves to be named Sole Managing Conservator for James and his twin, Jude. Jeffery Younger, meanwhile, is fighting to prevent Georgulas from making independent decisions for the boys, such as starting a medical gender “transition” for James. 

In addition to defining gender, Younger’s attorney and the amicus attorney – the court-appointed lawyer who is supposed to be neutral and act in the best interest of the children – focused on James’ diagnosis of gender “dysphoria” and the imminent threat of a medical “transition.” 

Pro-LGBT adults admit James isn’t distressed or totally convinced he’s a girl

In his questioning of Dr. Albritton, Dr. Tomatis, and Dr. Schumer, Younger’s attorney drew their attention to the fact that James does not meet a critical aspect of the criteria required for gender dysphoria: James isn’t distressed. Dr. Albritton also testified that the boys are not afraid of their father. Other witnesses testified to the contrary, but Dr. Albritton has spent the most time with the boys and the family of all the expert witnesses. 

Albritton noted in his psychological evaluation, which was reviewed during his testimony: “Neither child appears to be depressed, anxious or aggressive …He [James] gave no indications of other significant psychological difficulties.” 

Dr. Tomatis testified that he saw no clinical symptoms of distress in his interactions with James.

Ms. Ouer stated that the lack of distress exhibited by James is due to the fact that he is “affirmed” as a girl with his mother and at school. 

Mr. Odeneal also highlighted medical records from James’ pediatrician referring James to a medical transition clinic when he reaches age eight or nine: “Will plan to have a psychological evaluation at GENECIS when closer to 8-9 years old to consider hormone suppression.” 

Dr. Schumer, who specializes in medical “transitions,” testified that puberty blockers should not be started until a child hits Tanner Stage 2 of puberty. He also told the court that the “average start of puberty in someone who is a male is eleven and a half.”

Mr. Odeneal also showed the jury a referral letter from Ms. Ouer to Children’s Medical Hospital for the GENECIS clinic. The GENECIS clinic completes gender evaluations and facilitates medical “transitions,” which involve giving children puberty blockers and in many cases cross-sex hormones. 

“This is a letter of recommendation that my client, James Younger, aka Luna, begin the process of becoming a patient of the GENECIS clinic so that she [sic] can receive a full psychological assessment for gender dysphoria and potentially take hormone blockers.”

The expert witnesses, all of whom were paid by Georgulas to testify, and the state agency representatives admitted that James does not identify with only one gender.

Dr. Albritton told the court, “There is still some fluidity in his [James’] thinking.” 

Ms. Zilca, from Dallas County Family Services, refused to call James by anything other than “Luna.” She told the court, “She [James] does not identify with only one gender.” 

James’ counselor Ms. Ouer – who specializes in working with the “LGBT community” – told the court that gender fluidity means something different for each person. She also stated that James may not be transgender despite her having diagnosed him with gender dysphoria since there is some fluidity in his expression. 

Ms. Ouer and many of the other experts insisted on the importance of calling James “Luna” and letting the seven-year-old guide any changes.

While questioning Ms. Ouer, the amicus attorney shared that James initially came to his mom asking to be called “Starfire,” a female character in Teen Titans Go! Ms. Ouer chuckled slightly. The amicus attorney asked why allowing James to go by “Starfire” didn’t align with Ms. Ouer’s recommendation of letting children control their gender transition. Ms. Ouer stated that affirming the child’s underlying gender desires is what is most important. 

Dr. Tomatis, James’ so-called trauma counselor, also testified. Georgulas’ attorneys referred to Dr. Tomatis as James’ “trauma counselor,” but he said he neither specializes in trauma, nor has he diagnosed James with trauma. He noted that he is seeing James to help with emotional regulation in the midst of such difficult circumstances. 

Dr. Schumer, a pediatric endocrinologist specializing in gender “transitioning,” was flown in from Michigan to testify. In his testimony, he said that children begin developing the concept of gender between six and seven years old, but later also stated it occurs between five and seven years old. James first reported to his father that his mother told him he was a girl when he was just three years old. 

At one point during Dr. Schumer’s testimony, Georgulas’ attorneys shared Dr. Schumer’s formal custody recommendation with the court. Dr. Schumer has never met either of the boys or their parents. Judge Kim Cooks chastised the lawyers privately and announced to the court that only Dr. Albritton is qualified to make custody recommendations. 

Each of the expert witnesses admitted that returning to “identifying” as being a boy would be the easiest path forward for James. 

“Certainly it offers less challenges for him,” Dr. Albritton stated. 

“Being trans is not an easy path,” Ms. Ouer testified. 

There was much back and forth regarding gender, sex, prounouns, and whether James should be called James or “Luna.”

The case resumed today with Mr. Younger’s testimony. 

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