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(LifeSiteNews) — As “Pride Month” continues more and more U.S. businesses are unveiling their LGBT advertisements with a focus on transgenderism.  

While LGBT propaganda is normal for “Pride Month,” U.S. businesses are now embracing transgenderism and other more radical LGBT ideas, the Washington Times reported.

“Companies have long supported the LGBTQ community because they know that inclusion in all its forms is simply good for their bottom line,” network CEO Todd Sears told the Times in an email. 

But the president of the relatively conservative New Tolerance Campaign, Gregory T. Angelo, believes embracing a more radical LGBT agenda could cost businesses. He expects they will lose long-time customers.  

“Gay has become boring, so the left needs to find new oppressed identities to feed the cash cow,” said Angelo, who is himself gay. “When you embrace a wide array of non-traditional identities, you’re going to alienate traditionalists.” 

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As an example, he referenced NASCAR’s new Pride flag, which attempts to appeal to an array of LGBT activists, with gay, transgender, and intersex symbols.  


As part of “Pride Month,” NASCAR, the nation’s premiere stock car competition organization, which features the biggest names in auto racing and has hitherto appealed to a more conservative segment of  American society, announced that it has partnered with an LGBTQ+ organization to “promote diversity, equity, and inclusion training.

One response to NASCAR’s new campaign questioned the motive for supporting LGBT propaganda, suggesting that businesses take up LGBT propaganda for financial gain.  



Another reply pointed out the “slippery slope” of accepting and celebrating homosexuality.  


Pride Month has also brought to light a number of stories in which children are particularly targeted for LGBT propaganda. An Austin, Texas elementary school recently directed students as young as four years old to keep LGBT “Pride Week” class discussions secret, as shown by written class rules shared through social media. A Dallas, Texas gay bar hosted a “Drag the Kids to Pride” drag queen lunch event. California’s Senator Scott Wiener has responded to parental concerns by offering to propose a  bill that would bring “Drag Queen 101” lessons to schools. 

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Meanwhile, children attending “Pride Parades” are routinely subjected to obscenities, adult nudity and pornography.

Help a brave therapist being attacked by Southern Poverty Law Center: LifeFunder