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Fr. James Cassidy of St. Joan of Arc Catholic Community in Minneapolis gives homily after pro-homosexual talk SaintJoanOfArcMN/YouTube

MINNEAPOLIS (LifeSiteNews) — A notoriously pro-LGBT parish in the Archdiocese of Saint Paul and Minneapolis hosted an explicit musical written by a homosexual man about his relationship with his deceased “husband” this past weekend.  

On Sunday, May 5, Joseph St. James spoke to parishioners ahead of a “gym mass” held at St. Joan of Arc Catholic Community, which is located on the south side of Minneapolis. After telling his mostly white, senior-citizen audience about the murder of his former “husband” Paul James Pfeifer by their mentally ill neighbor, he invited them to attend the 1:30 p.m. showing of his musical at the parish titled “Guts and Gratitude: A Widower’s Cabaret.”   

A digital flyer for the production warns that “the story we tell deals with themes that may not be appropriate for children. Parental discretion is advised.” 

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It is unclear if the performance, which raised money for a foundation named after Pfeifer, was held in the gym or the main church. 

LifeSiteNews emailed the Archdiocese of Minneapolis, which is run by Archbishop Bernard Hebda, for comment about whether it condemns the event. LifeSiteNews has not heard back from the archdiocese but will update this story if it does.  

St. James shared his nine-minute-long remarks before a rainbow-stole wearing priest named Father James Cassidy delivered a heretical sermon expressing support for “women deacons” and “social justice” ideology.  

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St. James previously told local NBC affiliate KARE 11 that he “had an incredible love affair with” Pfeifer. 

The Catholic Church explicitly teaches that to love another person is to will for them that which will obtain their eternal salvation. Homosexual acts are “intrinsically disordered,” the Catholic Catechism teaches. Therefore, to love someone who suffers same-sex attraction is to assist them in resisting those temptations to live chastely. 

During his sermon, Cassidy expressed gratitude for St. James while touting boilerplate pro-LGBT platitudes.  

“In order for our church to fulfill its commitment to truly love one another, it needs to commit to having a much larger spiritual imagination, an imagination for all that can be as opposed to a level of fear that will never allow love and justice for all people to flourish for all people,” he said. 

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Videos of Masses offered at St. Joan of Arc that have been uploaded on its YouTube channel indicate that liturgies routinely include guitars, lay ministers of Holy Communion, and other liberal practices. Other left-wing presenters have given talks ahead of Masses as well.  

Hebda has been in charge of the Archdiocese of Saint Paul and Minneapolis since 2016. In 2021, he expressed support for civil unions for homosexuals, stating that such arrangements “reverence the dignity of those in same-sex relationships.” Also in 2021, the heretical priest organization, the Association of United States Catholic Priests, held its annual meeting in his archdiocese.  


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