INTERNET, Oct 29 (LSN) – The American Family Association and the Christian Family Network have alerted pro-family internet users to an MSNBC online poll about homosexuality in the schoolroom. At 9:00 AM today, out of 1,350 votes, the ‘no’ votes outweighed the ‘yes’ votes in answer to both questions 80% to 20%.

This poll is in response to a decision by the Nebo School District (just South of Salt Lake City, Utah) to remove Wendy Weaver from her job as volleyball coach after she divorced her husband and chose to pursue a lesbian relationship with another woman. The school officials, recognizing the importance of moral role models for their students, informed Wendy Weaver that they would allow her to remain on staff if she would agree not to discuss her lesbianism. Wendy Weaver chose not to accept their offer but decided instead to sue the school district (with the help of the American Civil Liberties Union) claiming that the district was infringing on her rights of freedom of expression.

Please cast your vote. Here are the questions:

1) Would you object if your child’s teacher were gay?

2) Would you object if your child’s teacher were gay, but never discussed it with parents, students or other teachers?