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February 17, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) – This week, Jonathon van Maren interviews pro-life leader Mark HarringtonThe two discuss how to be effective pro-life activists in an age of Big Tech crackdowns.

Harrington is the president and founder of Created Equal, an organization known for using abortion victim photography in order to persuade people of pro-life truth.

In today’s conversation, Harrington speaks about how social media censorship reveals the vulnerability that many in the pro-life movement today have, namely, relying on social media alone to get the word out about abortion. 

He says that the crackdown on conservatives, Christians, and pro-lifers has been “coming for years,” and that too many organizations are tied to Big Tech platforms and now it’s “hard for them to break free.”

Harrington says that in the past “bring[ing] about social reform has always been [done in] the public square.” For this reason, Harrington and his organization have their sights set on continuing their activism at colleges, billboards, trucks, and other methods which he says “leapfrog the media.”

Harrington provides helpful tips so pro-lifers and organizations can “survive the purge.” He also warns that the Biden administration is moving to create commissions to investigate domestic terrorism, which he says may possibly be used to monitor and survey “pro-life activists and conservative Christians across America.”

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