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SAN MATEO, CA, February 8, 2013, ( – Longtime pro-life activist Ross Foti made a citizen’s arrest of a Planned Parenthood clinic escort Monday after she allegedly assaulted him as he was passing out leaflets to a patient.

“She rammed me in the chest and I have a witness,” said Foti, whose niece was also present.


Foti called the San Mateo Police Department after the incident. Since the officers did not witness the assault, Foti had to make a citizen’s arrest to have the clinic escort cited.

The escort had Foti cited in return, using the same powers of citizen’s arrest.

A police official told the San Mateo Daily Journal that the infractions are likely misdemeanors, but that it’s uncertain whether either party will actually be charged by the San Mateo County District Attorney’s Office.

“It’s an ongoing investigation,” the official said.

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Foti, 79, has been a fixture in front of Bay Area abortion clinics for more than two decades, successfully battling Planned Parenthood since 1992 in court for his right to display his signs and picket in front of their facilities.

He said Monday’s incident occurred as he handed a leaflet to a woman in her car. The clinic escort bumped into him hard, an action he alleges was purposeful.

Although the woman retaliated against his citizen’s arrest by filing one of her own, Foti doubts she has a case.

Video from a nearby surveillance camera should confirm what happened, Foti said.

“If I would have assaulted her, I would have been arrested, case closed,” he said.