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BATON ROUGE (LifeSiteNews) – An apparent abortion clinic worker was caught on video this week threatening and physically assaulting a Louisiana pro-life activist who implored the facility to cease committing abortions before the state’s trigger law banning the practice takes effect.

The law, which prohibits abortions after “fertilization and implantation” except in cases of ectopic pregnancies, pregnancies in which the infant could not survive postpartum, and physical threats to a mother’s life, was supposed to take effect in the Pelican state following the U.S. Supreme Court’s June 24 overturn of Roe v. Wade, but has been temporarily blocked over claims that it has contradicting trigger mechanisms and imprecise prohibitions.   

WAFB reports that Christopher Key, a local activist who has been dubbed the “Vaccine Police” for his past protests against the COVID-19 shots, filmed himself approaching Baton Rouge’s scandal-plagued Delta Clinic abortion facility, asking a security guard to pass along to the staff a letter by Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry, warning that the temporary block “does not – and cannot – immunize medical providers from liability from criminal conduct.”

A woman sitting inside the door and dressed like a nurse, later identified as Teresina Carter, waved a stick at Key and threateningly asked him which hospital he would like to be taken to if he didn’t leave, then proceeded to exit the door and strike him.

“My camera fell off into the ground; she then picked my camera up, went inside the clinic, and shattered my camera in the clinic, then walked back out a second time and hit me a second time in the shoulder,” Key says.

He called 911, and when police arrived, “I showed them the video; they then proceeded to go inside, and they said that person was not an employee which is a total lie. We know for a fact that she was still in the building and these officers aided and abetted her inside that building.”

Carter is being charged with aggravated assault and simple criminal damage to property.

Pro-life pregnancy centers and churches have been subjected to violence across the country in the wake of Roe’s fall, and Republican-appointed Supreme Court justices have been subjected to threats, including by a man who is charged with attempted murder for planning to kill Justice Brett Kavanaugh.