Pro-life activist Randall Terry defeats Barack Obama in Democratic primary – in 14 Oklahoma counties

“Obama's promotion of child-killing, and his attack on the church and religious liberty are his Achilles heel,” Terry's website states.
By Ben Johnson

By Ben Johnson

TULSA, OKLAHOMA, March 8, 2012, ( – He probably isn’t losing much sleep at night about the possibility of losing his party’s presidential nomination, but President Barack Obama did lose 14 counties in Tuesday’s Oklahoma Democratic primary to Randall Terry.

The pro-life activist, who founded Operation Rescue, won 12 Oklahoma counties and won more votes than Barack Obama in 14.

In three counties, Obama was bested by Jim Rogers, the state Democratic Party’s U.S. Senate candidate in 2010.

Statewide, Obama won 57 percent of the Democratic vote. Initial reports said Terry won 18 percent, but other estimates indicate Terry won 20 percent.

His good showing means, under party rules, Terry should be awarded delegates to the Democratic National Convention in September.

Terry is running for president as a Democrat to exploit a loophole assuring candidates that their television ads will be broadcast. Several markets broadcast his commercials, featuring graphic images of aborted babies, during this year’s Super Bowl. Okahoma, however, reportedly was not one of them.

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Republicans were quick to comment on Obama’s surprisingly strong electoral foes.

“These results prove that even Democrats are dissatisfied with the job President Obama has done,” said Oklahoma Republican Party Chairman Matt Pinnell. “From bailouts, to suffocating regulations and debt, to his Keystone Pipeline decision, this president has failed, and it’s time we make a change this November.”

In 2008, Barack Obama lost all 77 counties in Oklahoma in the general election. John McCain scored his highest share of the vote in the state.

“We were ahead of the curve in 2008, and once again in 2012, Oklahoma is right again: it’s time to make Barack Obama a one term president,” Pinnell said.

Terry’s campaign literature in Oklahoma focused on Obama’s HHS mandate that religious institutions provide contraceptives, including abortifacient drugs, to their employees as part of their health care coverage.

“Obama’s promotion of child-killing, and his attack on the church and religious liberty are his Achilles heel,” Terry’s website states.


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