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Help pro-life heroes expose abortion in D.C.: LifeFunder

(LifeSiteNews) — This week’s Ladies of LifeSite guest is Pamela Whitehead, executive director of Pro-Love Ministries. Stella is off today, so LifeSite journalist and editor Claire Chretien is filling in as host.

Whitehead shares how she became a committed pro-life Christian many years after undergoing a “traumatic” abortion experience that drove her to abusing drugs, alcohol, and attempting suicide.

“The day I walked up the sidewalk, no one was outside, no one told me about a pregnancy center. I didn’t know anything about the beautiful, life-affirming resources that are available. I just didn’t have that kind of support in my life, and there was no one advocating for me at the time,” she says.

And so years later, in 2004, I entered into recovery and I got sober, and I’ve been sober ever since: so since April 26, 2004. But I didn’t surrender my life to Christ at that time. It was about five more years before I really had an awakening, and I had an experience that radically changed me, and that was in 2009 …

Whitehead also speaks about Pro-Love Ministries, which provides a holistic approach to women facing crisis pregnancies.

“One thing that we’ve recognized for many years is that the pro-abortion movement is pretty solid and unified in their messaging. Everyone knows their talking points,” she says. “And our hope was that those of us who were meeting the needs of women who were previously unheard, unseen, and under-served would be able to do the same.”

“We also want to fill gaps in the pro-life movement, so we recognize some areas of service that were missing, and that’s where a lot of our affiliates come in,” says Whitehead.

Check out all the services and projects at Pro-Love Ministries here at their website.

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Help pro-life heroes expose abortion in D.C.: LifeFunder