Calgary, AB, May 14, 2013 ( – Starting Monday, a group of anti-abortion activists has begun circulating postcards with images of Prime Minister Stephen Harper next to graphic pictures of late-term aborted children to homes in the constituency of Prime Minister Stephen Harper. 

Harper is the first of five politicians the Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform (CCBR) says it will make “Face the Children”—the name of its new project.  The group plans to distribute 250,000 postcards in the five ridings by summer’s end.

CCBR’s executive director, Stephanie Gray, explained her group’s new tactic: “It is increasingly difficult for pro-life MPs to broach the abortion issue without facing backlash from opposition parties or their own. This needs to be reversed—now, politicians who won’t change the status quo that permits the dismemberment of the next generation of Canadians will be the ones to face backlash.”

The group said it’s starting with Prime Minister Harper because of his unwillingness to have any legislation limiting abortion, or even to allow debate about abortion to occur in the House.  On June 15, 2004, during the English election debate, Stephen Harper said, “I will not have legislation limiting a woman’s right to choose.”

He has maintained his pledge, even voting against Bill C-510, otherwise known as “Roxanne’s Law,” a bill that would have protected Canadian women from being coerced into an abortion.  And in April 2011, Stephen Harper was quoted by CBC as saying, “[Abortion-related] legislation that is brought forward will be defeated as long as I am prime minister.”  In 2008, when interviewed by reporters he said, in French, “This government will not open, will not permit anyone to open the abortion debate. Our position is clear.”


“Prime Minister Harper’s cold indifference to the slaughter of pre-born children must be challenged,” said Gray. “His position to defeat any abortion-related legislation and to shut down debate in Parliament is so extreme that it means he is unwilling to ban abortion in the third trimester—pitting our prime minister against a majority of Canadians.”

A 2013 Environics Poll found 60% of Canadians say human life should receive legal protection by the sixth month of pregnancy.  Abortions are permissible in Canada through all nine months of pregnancy.

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CCBR is remaining tight-lipped about who its next MP targets are.  It did reveal, however, that it is selecting MPs based on their voting history regarding matters that affect the pre-born.  Gray said, “We are closely monitoring what politicians do and do not do—what they say and do not say.  If they fail the children, they will face the children.”

Face the Children is part of a series of controversial projects CCBR’s staff of 21 have been doing.  Most recently they made waves in Toronto where they stand outside high schools five days/week with abortion imagery—a project they started in Calgary two years ago and have since maintained there too.  And last year they launched a cross-country tour of anti-abortion activism with their “New Abortion Caravan,” a campaign that re-traced the steps of the old “Abortion Caravan” that abortion-supporting activists did in 1970 to repeal the abortion laws.  The new caravan kick-started CCBR’s plan it calls “EndtheKilling,” which they say will enable them to fulfill their goal of ending abortion in their lifetime.