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Matt Wojciechowski of Campaign Life Coalition speaks at a press conference in Ottawa today announcing Thursday's marches for life across Canada.Steve Weatherbe / LifeSiteNews

OTTAWA, May 13, 2015 (LifeSiteNews) – On Thursday thousands of Canadians from sea to sea will join marches for life on their legislatures to affirm the human rights of pre-born children. They will also march in support of the elderly, disabled, and sick, who organizers of the marches say have been rendered defenseless by the Supreme Court’s decision earlier this year to legalize doctor-assisted suicide.

The biggest march and rally will begin and end on Parliament Hill in Ottawa, but others will take place Thursday in several provincial capitals—Victoria, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Frederiction, Halifax, St. John’s and Charlottetown.

Several hundred Saskatchewan pro-lifers marched on the province’s legislature in Regina last week.

“There has never been more reason to march for life than in 2015,” Matt Wojciechowski of Campaign Life Coalition said at a news conference Wednesday.

Among the current attacks on life he listed: the pressure from Maritimes abortion advocates for greater access to the deadly procedure; the decision, possibly unconstitutional, by the Ontario College of Physicians and Surgeons to require  doctors morally opposed to abortions or assisted suicide to perform these procedures when willing doctors are not available, and to refer patients to willing doctors when they are; and the Supreme Court of Canada’s legalization of assisted suicide in the Carter versus Canada case.

Alex Schadenberg, head of the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition, said that though the Supreme Court gave Parliament and provincial legislatures a year to enact new laws to regulate assisted suicide, this is not enough time, especially with an election coming up.

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After the news conference Schadenberg told LifeSiteNews that a new study of causes of death in the Flanders region of Belgium in 2013 indicated that 6.3% of all deaths were caused by doctors, with a quarter of victims having been euthanized without their consent. “This is in a country with all the safeguards now being recommended for Canada. When asked anonymously, this is what doctors admit to,” said Schadenberg. “Canadians need to know how vulnerable the Supreme Court leaves some people in our society.”

Alissa Golob of the CLC spoke of its joint effort with the Canadian Centre for Bioethical Reform to distribute over 1 million No2Trudeau postcards across Canada in 20 key federal ridings, protesting Liberal leader Justin Trudeau’s requirement that all his party’s candidates in the Fall election support abortion.

CLC’s Golob said efforts were underway across Canada “by hundreds if not thousands” of pro-life activists to get pro-life candidates elected. As for the March for Life, it was an opportunity for “the next generation” of pro-life Canadians to let politicians know they are “sick of this human rights violation occurring with their permission and complicity,” said Golob.

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