WASHINGTON, Mar 10 (  Yesterday, American Life League (ALL) and 31 other U.S. pro-life organizations endorsed the Pro-Life Proclamation Against Violence, a document that calls on “every pro-lifer to reject violence and those who commit violent acts.” The ALL sponsored venture came in response to the media’s false portrayal of pro-lifers as violent. The proclamation defines its opposition to violence in clear terms and calls on “all perpetrators of violence to recognize that, far from being pro-life crusaders, they are nothing more than common criminals.”

The proclamation outlines basic pro-life principles:
1. The deliberate cold-blooded killing of a human being, at any point from fertilization to natural death, is always wrong.
2. Every individual human being is created by God, in His image and likeness.
3. Each individual’s purpose is to gain eternal happiness, and the murder of any individual may rob him of his opportunity to obtain that purpose. 

See the full text of the proclamation.