Pro-life assaults on the rise: activist group

Drayer says this is the first physical assault he’s experienced but reports that “there has been a rise in the number of attacks.”
Mon Jul 21, 2014 - 10:40 am EST
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There has been a rise in attacks on pro-lifers, according to an activist group.

Seth Drayer, Director of Training for pro-life group Created Equal, views the attacks as a sign of the movement’s success. Drayer told The Daily Signal that these incidents represent “a desperate attempt” at censure because the opposition “knows we have a winning strategy.”

Earlier in July, Created Equal made headlines when Drayer was assaulted during a sidewalk protest of abortion in downtown Columbus, Ohio. This video of an abortion supporter disrupting the event and assaulting Drayer went viral:

>>> This video contains graphic language and images.

Drayer says this is the first physical assault he’s experienced but reports that “there has been a rise in the number of attacks.” In a separate interview, Created Equal executive director Mark Harrington claimed that “violent attacks on pro-lifers are becoming more common.”

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A national organization with a focus on the millennial generation, Created Equal trains thousands of college students to discuss and debate the abortion issue on college campuses and street corners.

At each protest, the group prominently displays violent and gruesome images of aborted children to spark conversation. Drayer, who is unapologetic for the graphic content, argues that “every successful social reform movement has always directly and graphically exposed injustice rather than hiding it.”

Well aware of the inflammatory nature of the topic, Drayer says that his group doesn’t create conflict but rather works to exposes it.

“Whenever you have injustice, it creates a lot of hidden tension because we can’t corporately as a nation kill, decapitate, dismember, and disembowel 3,000 humans every day without there being some byproduct of frustration or pain that’s been hidden or pushed away.”

To diffuse this tension, the group tries to emulate the American Civil Right movement by following a strict strategy of passive non-violence. Drayer explained that just as Martin Luther King, Jr., “contrasted racism and love” his group hopes to “contrast abortion with love.”

An evangelical Christian, Drayer says that his faith and the example of King have motivated his and the organization’s response to the recent assault. Created Equal has already offered to drop all charges if the abortion supporter will apologize.

“The offer is still there. We’ve forgiven her and we hold no malice toward her,” Drayer explained.

Reprinted with permission from the Daily Signal.

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