Pro-Life Billboard Vandalized with “Joker” Face Paint and Slogan: “Why So Serious?”

FREEPORT, Illinois, August 27, 2008 ( - A billboard showing a baby’s face and the words "Abortion: The Ultimate Child Abuse" was vandalized in the style of Batman: The Dark Knight villain the Joker.

The baby was made up to look like the arch-villain from the recent Batman film, with black spray paint circling the eyes and red duct tape stretched across the mouth in imitation of Joker’s signature grotesque smile. Under the pro-life message was spray painted the Joker’s famous line from the new movie: "why so serious?"

According to Pro-Life Corner, the duct tape has been removed, but attempts to remove the paint damaged the underlying image.  Stephenson County Right to Life, the organization behind the advertisement, will need $400 to replace the sign - a large sum for a small group, says Chris Clukey, the group’s spokesperson.

The Joker-themed criminal act is not the first of its type, as other areas have reported similar incidents since the release of the box-office smash hit Batman: The Dark Knight, which features the paint-smeared Joker as the paragon of amoral abandon.

Two weeks ago, the Associated Press reported the arrest of two 18-year-old men in Virginia who scattered terrorist threats on Joker cards.

To donate to Stephenson County Right to Life for a new billboard call 815-232-2538, or visit to give via Paypal.

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