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OTTAWA (LifeSiteNews) – The Canadian National March for Life (NMFL) will take place at full capacity and with a full slate of events on Thursday, May 12 after two years of draconian COVID restrictions subside in Canada.

In 2020, the NMFL was shut down due to a near total lockdown of the province of Ontario, and in 2021 the March took place, albeit with limited events due to continuing restrictions.

Campaign Life Coalition director of communications Pete Baklinski wrote of the hypocrisy surrounding closing down Canadian businesses and organizations due to the threat of a virus while still allowing abortion to happen: “Over the past two years, while businesses, gyms, and churches were closed to keep people “safe” from COVID, Canadian abortion mills were deemed an “essential service” and continued the daily grind of exterminating children in their mothers’ wombs.”

“[W]e need to work together to flatten this curve,” Baklinski added.

About 200,000 Canadians died from abortion since February 2020, more than five times the amount of deaths associated with COVID in Canada during that same time period.

An article in Campaign Life Coalition’s April newsletter titled 2022 National March for Life will be awesome wrote that the theme of this year’s march is “I AM,” to remind us of “the holy name of God in our march to defend the sanctity of every human life, from the time of conception until natural death.”

As with past marches participants can take part in:

  • candlelight vigil,
  • prayer services
  • pre-march rally
  • the Rose Dinner fundraising event
  • youth summit

In addition, to help inspire pro-life Canadians in the lead-up to the event, the weekly Life on Film Series began  March 27. Each Sunday at 8 p.m., supporters of the NMFL can watch free live-streamed films with a Christian and pro-life message.

Keeping with the I AM theme, the NMFL launched a video contest to showcase the faces and voices of Canada’s growing pro-life movement.

Contest participants can offer personal reflections on the theme of this year’s march and must submit their offering by April 22.

You can find out about this year’s march here: