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(LifeSiteNews) — A candidate for governor in Idaho recently released several campaign advertisements promising to end abortion and child grooming on his first day in office.

Over the past two weeks, Ammon Bundy posted videos and statements declaring his pro-life approach to leadership. Notably, he has promised to eradicate and penalize abortion throughout the state.

“Murdering children is not a choice, it is a crime, and when I am governor, this crime will no longer go unpunished,” Bundy, an Independent, wrote on Twitter. Below his message was a video depicting “the largest genocide in human history.”

The advertisement ends with Bundy standing with two children and saying, “A vote for me is a vote to ensure that Idaho’s borders are where abortion ends and where life begins.”

In another campaign video, the candidate addresses the growing problem of the LGBT agenda permeating communities and schools.

“Silence is no longer an option,” Bundy wrote. “As governor of Idaho, I will put an end to this horror on day one.”

The video shows various clips of drag shows and drag performers in public, family environments such as parks, schools and streets. Additionally, Bundy attached an official statement promising to address this issue as governor.

“The sexualization of our children across America must come to an end! In the past decade, we have seen an extreme escalation of adults using children to express their own sexuality,” the statement reads. “Our children are being groomed and it is the duty of parents and state officials to unite for their protection.”

Bundy added that “unlike current state leaders, I will not compromise on this issue. On day one, Idaho’s laws protecting our children will be enforced. We must always put our children’s welfare before our own.”

The candidate has also sought information about intrauterine devices (IUD), suggesting he may not support their use if they disrupt procreation after conception.

“If IUD’s block an already fertilized egg, then I’m not okay with them,” he posted. “If IUD’s block or kill the sperm and prevent conception then that is an entirely different matter. Life begins at conception, so it is key to know the facts when making the right decisions on birth control.”

IUDs are devices inserted into the uterus as a method of birth control. The device makes it more difficult for sperm to fertilize eggs, prohibiting conception. However, if an embryo is formed, the thinned lining of the uterus makes it “less likely” for the embryo to attach to the uterus, resulting in abortion. This form of contraception also has a history of negative side effects for women who choose this method.

Bundy has shared that he is “looking for the truth” about IUDs but has not issued an official statement regarding his views on their use.


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