February 10, 2011 ( – A coalition of many of the country’s most prominent pro-life organizations, under the name of “Expose Planned Parenthood,” is sponsoring a “vigil for victims of underage sex trafficking” this Monday. The event seeks to put a pro-life presence in front of every single Planned Parenthood facility across the country.


The vigils will take place from noon to 1 p.m. in each U.S. time zone.

(To find out more about the vigil, or how you can help organize a vigil at your local Planned Parenthood, click here.)

The nationwide movement comes in the wake of revelations this week and last that numerous Planned Parenthood facilities are willing to aid and abet sex traffickers by helping them obtain birth control and abortions for their underage “sex workers,” no questions asked.

The revelations were made in series of explosive undercover videos released by the pro-life organization Live Action. Investigators with Live Action had posed as a pimp and a prostitute, and videotaped their conversations with Planned Parenthood staffers.

So far the videos have led to the firing of at least one Planned Parenthood employee, while a number of federal politicians have called for the defunding of the abortion giant, which receives hundreds of millions of federal dollars every year.

At an “Expose Planned Parenthood” press conference Thursday morning, Live Action President Lila Rose said: “Young girls are going into Planned Parenthood clinics every day, too many the victims of abuse.

“Three-hundred to 400 thousand children are trafficked for sex every year, and too many are taken to Planned Parenthood clinics for secret abortions. The clinics that these abused girls will walk into will not only turn a blind eye to their abuse, but would do business with their pimps and keep their abuse secret.”

“One thing is clear about all of these discoveries,” said Kristen Hawkins of Students for Life of America, “Planned Parenthood preys on young girls and does not deserve our tax money to promote their crimes. We need to act today to finally defund Planned Parenthood.”

On the website of the Expose Planned Parenthood coalition, the organization says that Monday’s vigils should focus on three major ideas: that Planned Parenthood is aiding & abetting underage sex trafficking, that it is unsafe for women and girls, and that it should not be receiving tax dollars.

The website also provides practical information on how individual pro-life and anti-trafficking advocates and groups can organize vigils in front of their local Planned Parenthoods.

“Enough is enough,” says the coalition. “We must act swiftly and take a public stand against Planned Parenthood’s harmful agenda – raising awareness in the communities where we live, and calling upon Congress to IMMEDIATELY strip the abortion chain of all tax funding.”