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Rep. Anna Paulina Luna with her newborn sonrealannapaulina/Instagram

This article has been updated to include Rep. Luna’s statement to LifeSiteNews.

(LifeSiteNews) — A pro-life congresswoman is breaking societal stereotypes by simultaneously embracing her political career and motherhood. Since welcoming her first child into the world, Republican Rep. Anna Paulina Luna has shared photos of herself cradling her newborn son while continuing her work, debunking the pro-abortion myth that women must choose between a career and motherhood. 

“My husband and I were overjoyed to welcome our son into the world in August and couldn’t imagine our life without him now. Babies are the greatest blessing!” the Florida congresswoman told LifeSiteNews in a statement.

At the end of August, Luna and her husband Andy Gamberzky celebrated the birth of their first child, a baby boy. An August 27 Instagram post from the congresswoman’s personal account showed a picture of her son’s tiny hand gripping a man’s finger, presumably his father’s. The caption expressed gratitude to the medical professionals who assisted with the delivery the day before. 

On October 11, Luna posted again with the caption “office visitor” and the hashtags “6 weeks old,” “working mom,” and “congresswoman.” This time, she shared two photos of her holding her baby while sitting at her desk in Washington, D.C.  

Last week, the child made headlines for accompanying his mother to the floor vote for the ongoing attempt to replace Republican Rep. Kevin McCarthy as the Speaker of the House. Alongside another set of photos depicting the mother and child, Luna told followers that “his first floor vote” was cast in favor of Rep. Jim Jordan. 

In response to an article by the New York Post which described her son as “the most composed person in the room for the House speaker vote,” Luna’s official X account commented, “babies for the win.” 

On her personal account, Luna posted a touching photo of her, Gamberzky, and their son with the caption, “Have babies. They make you happy.” 

Her personal accounts have been updated to include “mommy” as the first descriptive word in her bio. 

‘Children are a blessing’ 

The birth of her first child comes several months after Luna told LifeSiteNews that pregnancy and motherhood are only increasing her drive to protect children through her work as a United States representative. 

“Children are a blessing, and we could not have asked for a greater gift,” the Florida representative told LifeSiteNews via email in May. Luna, who is the 12th woman to give birth while serving in Congress, further expressed at the time that she and her husband were “overjoyed to welcome our son.” 

Luna has previously shared that she has “been pro-life for years, but this [pregnancy] furthers my stance.” She also encouraged women who may be overwhelmed at the reality of being a mother, emphasizing the beauty and hope of such a journey even amid the challenge that “motherhood will undoubtedly bring.” 


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