By Kathleen Gilbert

LA CROSSE, Wisconsin, October 18, 2010 ( – After placing more than 1,100 crosses on display Sunday night, the Pro-Life Students of La Crosse this morning found their Cemetery of the Innocence Display on campus in piles.

A slew of pro-abortion signs were found on the fence close to the vandalized Cemetery, which is erected annually by pro-life students.

Alyssa Gebel, president of the UW-L Pro-Life Students of La Crosse, told the student newspaper The Racquet that she held little hope of finding the vandals. “The chances of finding whoever did it are slim to none,” she said.

The group reported the incident to the Office of Student Life and University Police, and filed a hate incident report with the Office of Campus Climate, according to the newspaper. Assistant Dean of Students John Palmer said the incident was in the hands of University Police and that the Office of Student Life will “take action and will hold [the vandals] responsible.” Palmer called the vandalism “completely inappropriate.”

Students for Life of America issued a statement of support for the Pro-Life Students of La Crosse Monday, and thanked the school’s administration for their swift response with an investigation. SFLA hopes the Administration will bring the vandals to justice.

“Vandalizing the Cemetery of the Innocence not only shows a lack of respect for property, but also for the students of the University,” said SFLA executive director Kristan Hawkins. “It is a sad day when there can no longer be an open academic discussion on a university campus, but rather vandalism and hate.”