Peter Baklinski


Pro-life doctors’ group protests push to bring RU-486 abortion drug to Canada

Peter Baklinski

OTTAWA, November 29, 2013 ( – Canada’s pro-life doctors are urging Health Canada to reject an application to bring the controversial abortion drug RU-486 (mifepristone) into Canada.

“We protest the importation into Canada of RU-486, a grievous misuse of medical science,” stated Canadian Physicians for Life in a press release yesterday. 

Earlier this week reported that two abortion activists, Dr. Sheila Dunn and lawyer Rebecca Cook, had written in the Canadian Medical Association Journal that failure to provide “essential drugs that only women need, including mifepristone, is a form of discrimination that Canada is obligated to remedy.”

“Millions of women worldwide have used mifepristone safely and effectively,” they wrote, adding that it is “important that this submission not be allowed to fail.” 

But the pro-life doctors’ group stated that the drug is not safe since it has a history of killing not only unborn children, but their mothers as well 

“This is death we are talking about, not just of the unborn babies but sometimes of the mothers themselves.” 

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An RU-486 abortion involves a two-drug combination usually offered to women less than nine weeks pregnant. Mifepristone, a synthetic steroid, blocks the hormone progesterone. This shuts down the woman’s pregnancy-sustaining mechanism with the result that the baby, deprived of necessary life-support, starves to death and detaches from the uterine wall. Misoprostol, given a day or so later, initiates powerful uterine contractions that cause the woman to expel her dead baby. 

The doctors’ group points to the manufacturer’s warning for Misoprostol as evidence for their concerns. The warning states: "Serious adverse events reported following off-label use of misoprostol in pregnant women include maternal or fetal death; uterine hyperstimulation, rupture or perforation requiring uterine surgical repair, hysterectomy or salpingo-oophorectomy; amniotic fluid embolism; severe vaginal bleeding, retained placenta, shock, fetal bradycardia and pelvic pain." 

The RU-486 abortion method has been linked to serious health problems for women across the globe, including numerous deaths. 

A 2011 U.S. Food and Drug Administration report found that 14 U.S. women died after taking RU-486, 612 women required hospitalizations, 339 experienced blood loss significant enough to require a transfusion, 256 experienced infections, and 48 women experienced “severe infections”. 

“Maternal death in the course of the unnecessary and intentional destruction of a child should be seen as a special tragedy and a repudiation of all that is good in the Canadian medical system,” the doctors’ group states. 

The pro-life doctors hope that RU-486 stays out of Canada. 

“The potent anti-hormone RU-486 has caused the deaths of millions of unborn children worldwide. We are saddened that any number of the smallest pre-born Canadian children could soon be added to that list of deaths.” 

Campaign Life Coalition, the country’s leading pro-life organization, is also “strongly urging” Health Canada to reject the application, calling the drug a “human pesticide” that harms mothers and kills babies.


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