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Bishop Rudolf / Youtube screen grab

(LifeSiteNews) – German Bishop Rudolf Voderholzer has issued a call to “society as a whole” to stand up for the unborn and take the perspective of the victim, which is the child in the womb. 

The bishop of Regensburg made the comments in a recent interview on Radio Horeb. Voderholzer remarked that in the cases of sexual abuse in the Catholic Church, bishops had to learn to take the victim’s perspective. In the same manner, people should also take the perspective of the victim in the case of abortion, he said. 

“This realization sounds trivial, but in the case of abortion, people often refuse to apply it,” he said. “And that is why I ask all of you to help ensure that abortion is also viewed from the perspective of the victim.”  

It is not just that a woman or a couple terminates a pregnancy. The word “abortion” is an ideological shortcut. The embryo is not a new and further organ of the mother. It is an independent human being with all the potential for life. If it is killed, it is robbed of any chance for a self-determined future, […] 

Voderholzer explained that one is obliged to protect unborn life not only due to the Christian faith, but also based on reason and the natural moral law. 

“These rights apply to the life of every human person from the first moment of conception until his or her last breath, regardless of whether the person in question conforms to the aesthetic, economic or other expectations and ideas of others or of society,” he said.  

Every human person is an end in itself, [and] must accordingly not be sacrificed to other interests. These elementary insights, elaborated above all by the great German philosophy, are evident to human reason. 

The German prelate also told listerners that in the whole Judeo-Christian tradition, the child was viewed as a blessing, and that God himself once took the form of an unborn child: “Every birth is proof that God is a friend of life. And with the Incarnation of the Son, the Triune God Himself has taken the perspective of a child growing in the womb.” 

Voderholzer concluded the interview by saying: “The weakest part, however, is this little being, indeed this human being. He is absolutely helpless and defenseless. Let us stand together at its side!” 

Voderholzer has in the recent past spoken out against the heterodoxy of Germany’s Synodal Way and the Pachamama idolatry in the Vatican. However, he also drew criticism from traditionally-minded Catholics for putting heavy restrictions on the Traditional Latin Mass following the promulgation of Pope Francis’ Motu Proprio Traditionis Custodes.