LOS ANGELES, Oct 10 (LSN) – Village Voice published an article in their Oct 7th issue which quoted Peter Kostmayer of Zero Population Growth accusing the pro-life organization Population Research Institute (PRI) , of “xenophobic hate’‘. Kostmayer, a raving population control fanatic, associated PRI with the “dark underside of the population movement’‘. Please see the next article – a letter from PRI in response to Kostmayer.

The Village Voice article also included information on the monetary support of population control coming from three of the richest men in the US. Noting Ted Turner’s 1 billion dollar donation to the UN was likely to be most appreciated by the UN Population Fund, the paper reported, “no sooner had Turner announced his gift than Nafis Sadik, the fund’s executive director, hailed the donation in a press release’‘. Turner was also said to have contributed about $3 million to population groups in the past year, beyond the $1 billion.

Bill Gates was listed as having given $2.25 million to the Department of Population Dynamics at Johns Hopkins University, as well as millions to other population groups like PATH, a Seattle-based family-planning group. And Warren Buffet, was reported to have made overpopulation a primary cause for his foundation upon his death as well as having paid $2 million to fund research on RU-486, the abortion pill.

Turner furnished the Voice article with more of his outrageous quotes including the following:

“What we need to have for 100 years is a one-child policy…If everybody voluntarily had one child for 100 years, we’d basically be back to 2 billion people, and we could do it without a mass die-off and the kind of misery you see on TV in Rwanda.”“Increase and multiply, that’s what it says in the Bible, right? Now scratch that out and say, ‘Multiply in a very limited way, because there’s too many people.”“This is a fate like full-scale nuclear war on the planet. There’ll be no safe place.”