Pro-life group exposes companies that haul away Planned Parenthood’s aborted babies

Abortion centers are struggling to find waste companies after the success of Project Weak Link.
Tue Nov 7, 2017 - 11:00 am EST
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A Specific Waste Industries truck leaves Planned Parenthood after picking up the remains of aborted babies. Created Equal

COLUMBUS, Ohio, November 7, 2017 (LifeSiteNews) –After prevailing earlier this year in an effort to expose the nation’s largest medical waste hauler during a campaign to halt the disposal of aborted children, Created Equal is moving to unmask more collaboration between medical waste companies and the abortion industry.

The success #ProjectWeakLink has had thus far – resulting in the withdrawal of more than 400 contracts between Stericycle, Inc. and abortion facilities in recent years – has meant that Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry have had to find alternative ways to dispose of the babies aborted at their facilities.

A new phase of the #ProjectWeakLink campaign targets Specific Waste Industries.

The medical waste company disposes of aborted children at several abortion mills in the Midwest, Created Equal says, as well as for EMW Women’s Surgical Center in Louisville, Kentucky, the state’s one remaining abortion facility.

“Specific Waste is apparently filling a void left by Stericycle in the Midwest region,” Created Equal National Director Mark Harrington told LifeSiteNews, “demonstrating the difficulty abortion mills are having in finding waste haulers to do their dirty work.”

Finding a replacement option for disposing of aborted children’s remains has been something difficult for the abortion businesses to do, according to Create Equal. But the Ohio pro-life group is not letting up and is now focused on local and regional medical waste hauling companies across the U.S.

“We need to stay one step ahead of the abortion cartel,” Harrington stated. “If abortionists are going to kill babies, they should be forced to dispose of the bodies by themselves.”

Created Equal shared a video of Specific Waste picking up the remains of aborted children at the Cincinnati, OH, Planned Parenthood.

“We are now calling on Specific Waste Industries to cease disposing of aborted babies and the instruments used to kill them for Planned Parenthood and the abortion cartel,” Harrington stated.

Created Equal launched #ProjectWeakLink in 2016, aimed at compelling Stericycle, the largest medical waste hauler in the U.S., to stop disposing of aborted children for Planned Parenthood.  On June 1 of this year, Stericycle disclosed it had cancelled of hundreds of contracts with various abortion facilities.

This significant development has forced Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry to take on the challenging task of finding other means to dispose of aborted babies, Harrington said.

Created Equal has produced video documentation of an abortion provider acknowledging the difficulty this creates for abortion facilities.

But further, Vicki Saporta, president and CEO for National Abortion Federation, which represents hundreds of independent abortion facilities across the country, recently told National Public Radio, "There are very few companies that do what Stericycle did, and when companies like Stericycle give in to the harassment of anti-choice proponents, it puts an unfair burden on abortion providers.”

“Unfair burden?” asked Harrington. “Well that is the point of #ProjectWeakLink.”

Saporta also said her group is "closely monitoring Created Equal's campaign."

Having proven the concept of the abortion industry’s dependency on medical waste companies, Harrington said Created Equal is launching phase two of #ProjectWeakLink.

“One by one, clinic by clinic, waste hauler by waste hauler, we are making disposing of aborted babies a very difficult undertaking,” Harrington told LifeSiteNews.

Pro-life supporters are asked to contact Specific Waste Industries CEO Victor Anderson to insist that Specific Waste stop enabling the abortion holocaust.

Anderson can be contacted at 502-425-2770, or click here to send an email request for Specific Waste to stop disposing of aborted children.

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