KELOWNA, British Columbia, October 27, 2011 ( – Building on the success of a recent campaign by the national atheist group Centre for Inquiry, the Kelowna Right to Life Society is preparing to launch a new pro-life ad on the side of the city’s buses.

Whereas CFI’s ad read, “There probably is no God. Now stop worrying and enjoy your life,”  the new pro life ad reads, “Life definitely begins at conception, now stop denying it and let them enjoy their lives.” Accompanying the text message is an ultrasound image of a child in utero at approximately 20 weeks gestation.


The group plans to run the ads in December and January.

“The message is straightforward and based on scientific fact that cannot be refuted,” said Marlon Bartram, the pro-life group’s executive director.  “Countless medical texts and journals from the fields of embryology, fetology, genetics, psychiatry and all biology conclude that without a doubt human life begins at conception. It cannot be denied that abortion is the deliberate, swift and violent termination of an innocent human life.”

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“Yesterday, it was the African who was determined to be ‘3/5’s human’ and could therefore be bought and sold, even killed as ‘property,’” continued Bartram. “Today, it’s the baby in womb who has been dehumanized. She has been declared a ‘non-person’ and can therefore be killed at will. The day is coming, however, when legalized abortion will be relegated to the dust bin of history, a sorry chapter in human history to be looked upon with great disdain by future generations.”

For more information, visit the Kelowna Right to Life Society’s website here.