By Michael Baggot

LATHRUP VILLAGE, MI, March 25, 2008 ( – The Citizens for a Pro-Life Society claim to have found medical records and the remains of at least 18 aborted fetuses in the dumpsters behind the Lathrup Village Woman Care clinic operated by Alberto Hodari. Both the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality and the Lathrup Village Police Department are investigating Hodari’s Southfield Road clinic.

Dr. Monica Miller, director of the CPLS, organized the dumpster investigations from February 8-March 2.

Describing the fetuses found, Miller stated, “Each one was wrapped in a bloody gauze, tied at the end. Once you turned these inside out, you would find the infant parts. Each bloody gauze that was filled with an infant was wrapped in the absorbent paper used to cover the operating table which was soaked in blood, and used, bloody, latex gloves.”

The CPLS also collected medical records that were given to the police. “By now we have between 200 and 300 patient records with very detailed, identifying information on them about the patients,” said Miller.

“We also discovered in the trash used syringes, ultrasound pictures of the babies, dozens of used drug vials, several used IV bags with the sharps still attached, bloody absorbent paper, open condom wrappers, used condoms, and bloody used laminaria,” added Miller.

Judie Brown, president of the American Life League, wrote that the CPLS investigations of Hodari “have shown the nation that abortionists are not the kind, compassionate people Planned Parenthood and the rest of Big Abortion want you to believe they are.”

“While the Lathrup Village police continue their investigation into this matter, it would be incumbent upon each one of us who claim to be pro-life to do a couple of things about this tragic ‘find,’ especially since we know the same is happening thousands of times every day in facilities all across America,” added Brown.

The Oakland County District Attorney’s Office will likely investigate Hodari for the improper disposal of medical waste and records.

Last week, Hodari displayed new trash bins with red biohazard bags at his Lathrup Village clinic. Hodari claims to have become stricter with employees regarding waste disposal procedures and to have purchased shredders to dispose of patient records. Hodari said that he doubts that any aborted fetuses were improperly dumped.

Hodari came under fire last November for comments made to Wayne State University medical students. In his lecture, Hodari warned students that “sometimes you need to lie to a patient about things that they want to do or know.”

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