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(LifeSiteNews) — Canada’s top pro-life group blasted Prime Minister Justin Trudeau as “wrongheaded” and anti-family in making all Canadians “pay” for “abortifacient pills” after he boasted on social media about his new governmental bill that will provide free contraceptives, including the morning-after pill, to all Canadians.

On Victoria Day, which is one of Canada’s oldest holidays, Trudeau posted on X (formerly Twitter), “Being pro-choice means believing women should have the freedom to choose if or how to start a family. So, we’re going to make contraceptives – including emergency contraceptives – free in Canada.”

Trudeau’s post included a video in French, in which he is seen speaking with a young woman on a couch, where he boasts about his new bill that will provide free contraceptives.

He implied that young women are all looking to use contraceptives, which they “cannot afford.” As a result, he said, “we need women to always have the freedom to choose when they want to start a family, or if they want to start a family.”

“That is why we have recognized that these prescription contraceptive expenses should be covered by pharmacare, and so we are going to do it,” Trudeau said.

Jack Fonseca, political operations director with Campaign Life Coalition (CLC), told LifeSiteNews that Trudeau’s video promoting all sorts of free contraception, via his “free” pending national pharmacare program, is “wrongheaded, and just plain wrong, on so many levels.”

“First of all, contraception, IUDs, and abortifacient drugs won’t ever be ‘free.’ Trudeau is lying.  Taxpayers will be paying for these devices and drugs. We’ll bear the cost for other people’s sex lives, and that’s totally unfair,” Fonseca said.

“Why should I be forced to pay for other people to have sexual trysts, casual or otherwise? Why should I be forced to pay for abortifacient pills when I disagree with abortion? That’s not medically necessary and it’s not health care by any stretch of the imagination.”

In the video with the young woman, Trudeau called contraception an “investment.”

“We know that whether it’s the pill, whether it is implants, IUDs, and all that, is an investment. It involves expenses that are more expensive than just buying a box of condoms at the pharmacy,” he said.

“There are too many young women in particular who find out that it is an additional living cost that they cannot afford.”

The Trudeau Liberal government has gone all in on not only promoting abortion but contraception. In February, new federal legislation that will allow for “universal access to contraceptives,” including the “morning-after pill,” was introduced.

His new national pharmacare program, or Bill C-64, also known as “An Act respecting pharmacare,” will allow government supports for “universal access to contraceptives,” including the “morning-after pill.”

Trudeau’s pharmacare legislation came about from a demand by the New Democratic Party (NDP) and leader Jagmeet Singh, who said his support for the Trudeau government, which is keeping the Liberals in power, would crumble unless the prime minister introduced pharmacare legislation before March.

The NDP has an informal coalition with the Trudeau government that began last year, agreeing to support and keep the Liberals in power until the next election is mandated by law in 2025. Until the NDP decides to break ranks with the Liberals, an early election call is unlikely.

CLC: Trudeau a ‘Rumpelstiltskin Prime Minister’ for promoting contraception

Fonseca told LifeSiteNews that Trudeau’s words boasting about contraception make him a “Rumpelstiltskin Prime Minister,” as he is trying to take “away our children by encouraging us to contracept and abort ourselves into childlessness.”

According to Fonseca, Trudeau’s social media post is also “telling about his misplaced priorities” from his government, mainly in not promoting Canadians to have more kids amid an ever-declining birth rate.

“This is shocking because Canada’s birth rate has fallen way below replacement level, to just 1.3 children per women. Public policy should be the opposite of what our Rumpelstiltskin Prime Minister is pushing. A wise national leader would encourage more children to be born, not fewer. Not replacing ourselves will lead to social instability and ultimately, the death of Canadian society as we know it,” Fonseca said.

“Instead of a pharmacare plan covering cancer drugs and other life-saving treatments that Canadians can’t currently access, his focus is on sex and contraceptives. What an idiot.”

At-home chemical abortions are typically done through the ingestion of drugs like Mifegymiso. According to the drug product literature listed on Health Canada’s website, in addition to killing the unborn child, there is a risk of serious harm and even death to women who use the drug.

In January, CLC reported on a 19-year-old Canadian girl who died after taking Mifegymiso.

Despite these safety concerns and the fact that it kills innocent children in the womb, Health Canada approved the use of the abortion pill in 2015 and the drug became widely available in 2017.

CLC director of communications Pete Baklinski recently slammed Trudeau’s new legislation, saying the so-called morning-after pills, which “kill newly conceived babies,” should be “banned” in Canada.

Baklinski observed that Trudeau’s new pharmacare is “deeply troubling.”

“At a time when Canada’s fertility rate is at an all-time low of 1.3 and plummeting, the government should be doing all in its power to create incentives for couples to have children, not paying for immoral medical interventions that suppress their fertility,” Baklinski wrote.

Baklinski noted that the use of contraceptives in marriage is “contrary to authentic sexual love, breeding a mentality in its users that is anti-life and anti-family.” He then said that Trudeau, who was brought up a baptized Catholic, would “do well to pay heed to the teachings of his faith when it comes to life and family matters in order to prevent the country from slipping further into error and immorality.”

For Catholics, the Church’s teaching prohibiting the use of artificial contraception, including the morning-after pill and abortion-inducing drugs, has remained constant. The Catholic Church also proclaims that the right to life of every innocent person from conception to natural death is a truth knowable by reason and contained in the natural law.

According to Campaign Life Coalition, abortion has killed over four million preborn babies in Canada since its legalization in 1969, which is roughly equivalent to the total population of the province of Alberta.

Unlike in the United States, abortion in Canada exists in a legal vacuum since being decriminalized more than 30 years ago. This means that, in effect, there is and never has been a “legal right” to abortion in Canada.

The 1988 Morgentaler decision saw the Supreme Court of Canada throw out the last remaining abortion law on the basis that it was unconstitutional. Since then, there exists no federal law regulating abortion, and thus the practice is permitted through all nine months of pregnancy. However, the ability to introduce a law is possible.