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CHICAGO, Illinois, April 13, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) – When pro-life activists hold a protest against an elected official, it’s typically a Democrat. But on Thursday, Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner and his guests encountered pro-life protestors as they arrived at the Chicago Hilton for the GOP Governor’s Dinner.

Staff and volunteers from the Pro-Life Action League were there to denounce Rauner for betraying the pro-life voters who elected him when he signed HB40, the taxpayer abortion funding bill.

“Gov. Rauner claims that he’s heard the message from the hundreds of thousands of Republicans who voted for his challenger in last month’s primary, but he hasn’t,” said Eric Scheidler, executive director of the Pro-Life Action League and organizer of Thursday’s protest. “We will not forget his betrayal in signing HB40 and forcing Illinois taxpayers to fund abortion. We will also continue to speak out for the thousands of unborn children the Governor will never hear from because he signed that bill.”

Gov. Rauner had initially stated that he intended to veto the legislation, before caving into pressure from abortion advocates.

Scheidler pointed out how ironic it is that the keynote address at the dinner was offered by Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker.

“Gov. Walker just signed a bill removing abortion coverage from state employee health plans in Wisconsin,” Scheidler remarked. “Meanwhile, here in Illinois, Gov. Rauner has added abortion to state health plans. Illinois is already the abortion capital of the Midwest, and now thousands more unborn children will be aborted because of HB40.”

The Pro-Life Action League’s protest included large signs showing the unborn victims of abortion, and the group distributed literature on the devastating impact of HB40 to dinner attendees and the public.