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Abortion escorts wait outside the soon-to-close Planned Parenthood center in Silver Spring, Md.

SILVER SPRING, Maryland, October 17, 2016 (LifeSiteNews) — The day before Planned Parenthood’s 100th “birthday,” pro-life activist Lauren Handy announced that one of its southern Maryland abortion centers is losing its lease and slated to close.

Handy, a full-time activist who founded Mercy Missions, made the announcement on Saturday morning as pro-lifers held their weekly prayer vigil.

“We started a campaign this summer called ‘abortion is bad business,’” Handy said. “The goal was to close this abortion center … in six months or less. And I am here to tell you that it worked. This Planned Parenthood is closing.”


Handy said she and other local pro-life activists protested the “enablers” who were allowing Planned Parenthood to remain open.

The main enabler is Peels Property, the owner of the building in which the Silver Spring Planned Parenthood leases its abortion office.

“We went after Peels Property saying, ‘Abortion is bad business. We [protestors] leave when Planned Parenthood leaves,’” Handy explained. “Peels Property cut off the long-term lease.”

“Right now, Planned Parenthood is at a month-to-month lease,” Handy continued. She said she called the leasing company and has confirmed that Planned Parenthood is leaving.

Handy called on pro-lifers to help with the “final push” by lobbying Peels Property cut off Planned Parenthood’s lease right away instead of in a few months’ time.

It is unclear whether the Silver Spring branch plans to move its offices elsewhere or simply be consolidated into Planned Parenthood’s new mega abortion facility about seven miles away in Northeast DC.

Another abortion facility, Silver Spring Family Planning/Women’s Care, is less than a mile away from the soon-to-be vacated Planned Parenthood.