TORONTO, Jan 4 ( – The Euthanasia Prevention Coalition of Ontario and Campaign Life Coalition have urged pro-lifers to contact Attorney-General Jim Flaherty to ask him to initiate a review of the conditional sentence given to Lisa Thompson by Mr. Justice Paul Forestell. In late November, Forestell sentenced Thompson, 38, to only a two-year conditional sentence to be served at home for attempting to murder her disabled 6-year-old daughter,  Brandy. On November 8, 1998, Thompson tried to kill her daughter by administering a lethal dose of drugs through her feeding tube. After checking to assure that Brandy no longer had a pulse, Thompson turned herself in to the police.

The pro-life groups note that copies of the letter should be sent to Premier Mike Harris, and Murray Segal Director of Criminal Prosecutions.

Attorney-General Jim Flaherty
[email protected]

Premier Mike Harris
[email protected]

Murray Segal
[email protected]  

For more on Lisa Thompson’s case click here.   

For the postal addresses of the MP’s see the action item in the January CLC national news.