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 American Life League

October 18, 2016 (LifeSiteNews) — With pro-abortion politicians and media celebrating 100 years of Planned Parenthood, pro-life organizations around the country are lighting up the Twittersphere with messages that reveal they are not celebrating the abortion giant's existence.

Kristi Hamrick of Americans United for Life told LifeSiteNews that even apart from the abortion issue, Planned Parenthood’s practices and standards are unhealthy for women.

“Americans United for Life has been tracking the profiteering nature of Planned Parenthood's business model intensely since 2011, when we released the Case for Investigating Planned Parenthood,” the pro-life leader said. “Consistently, they fight to keep profits high and standards low, willing to spend money on lawyers, but not on health and safety standards for women, and always working to get more tax money into their pockets.”

“In fact, Planned Parenthood has reduced the number of life-saving services they offer in order to expand their abortion business, now doing about a third of the total abortions in the United States,” Hamrick explained. “What they do really well is public relations spin, convincing people that they offer medical care when in fact what they are truly selling is an end to preborn baby.”

“It is tragic that almost half-a-billion in taxpayer dollars goes to such a discredited and callous abortion mega-provider,” she concluded.

Other pro-life organizations agree. The Susan B. Anthony List tweeted, “Planned Parenthood has aborted 6.7 million children.”

“Planned Parenthood wants your baby dead.”

“Planned Parenthood’s ‘research’ involved dismembering babies with beating hearts.”

The March for Life tweeted, “Planned Parenthood’s 100th birthday marks 100 Years of Abuse.”

The National Right to Life Society tweeted, “PP turns 100 today.  Millions will never celebrate their first because of PP.”

“Your tax dollars alone accounted for 42.7 percent of Planned Parenthood’s annual revenue, a total of $553,700,000.”

Concerned Women for America offered some hope with, “PPFA 100 Years Wrong.  Let’s make it right.”

The legal group Alliance Defending Freedom tweeted, “How Planned Parenthood grows its political machine to protect its abortion gold mine.”

Live Action tweeted, “Happy 100th anniversary, PP, but you are still lying about abortion revenue.”

“PP claims it’s pro-woman, but it targets little girls in the womb through abortion.”

The American Life League cited statistics which refute Planned Parenthood’s claim that they are primarily a healthcare provider for women.

“Planned Parenthood PAP tests went from 1,116,681 in 2005 to 271,539 in 2014.”

“Planned Parenthood abortions increased from 264,943 in 2005 to 323,999 in 2014.”

“95% of girls who got a Planned Parenthood abortion claim they received little or no biological information from counselors.”

Marilyn Musgrave, vice president of government affairs for the Susan B. Anthony List, sent a press release to LifeSiteNews saying, “This past weekend, Planned Parenthood celebrated their 100th anniversary. But the Pro-Life Movement responded boldly, with a massive presence on social media — larger than even than the billion-dollar abortion giant's PR firms could muster.”

“On this anniversary, let us recommit ourselves to building a culture that respects life, supports mothers, and nurtures babies at every stage of development,” Musgrave wrote.  “Let us champion the potential represented by each life. Let us be the voice for the defenseless. Let us be the light following 100 years of darkness. Indeed, let us be champions of TRUTH and LIFE!”