TORONTO, ON, September 13, 2011 ( – Pro-life prisoner of conscience Mary Wagner was sentenced in court today for peacefully entering a Toronto abortion facility last December to witness about the value of human life to mothers who were waiting to abort their children.

Yesterday, Mary, who provided her own defense, was found guilty by Judge William Bassel in Toronto’s Old City Hall of “unlawful use” and “enjoyment” of the premises of the Bloor West Village Women’s Clinic on December 23, 2010.  As part of the mischief charge, the judge found Mary guilty of delaying the progress of the business.


John Bulsha, Mary’s friend and supporter who was present at the trial, told that the jury heard Mary testify how she was forcibly dragged away from the facility by the police officer.

“It’s not too late. There’s time to change your mind. God loves you,” Mary had said to the woman as she was removed from the premises.

The judge sentenced Mary this morning to 40 days of jail time and 3 years probation where she is to have no contact with employees of the Bloor West center. She is also required to keep 100 yards away from the abortion facility for the same period of time.

Bulsha told LSN that the judge’s final words were opposed to the statements of the witnesses who testified that Mary remained “calm, cool, and collected” during her hour with the mothers at the Mill.

“The judge blew things out of proportion,” said Bulsha, adding that the judge “painted Mary to be someone who is ‘ramming her agenda down people’s throats.’”

Since the December 2010 arrest, Mary has been arrested on three separate occasions for witnessing to mothers about the truth of human life in the womb. She has been traveling to the Toronto court from the Vanier women’s jail, where she was incarcerated after her most recent arrest this past August.

Alissa Golob, leader of Campaign Life Coalition Youth and personal friend of Mary, told LSN that “instead of Mary defending herself or making statements with regard to her arrests, she simply makes statements about the injustice of abortion.”

“She doesn’t focus on herself, but on the bigger issue: abortion.”

Golob said that Mary, in her mid 30’s, is an inspiration to all young people who champion the pro-life cause.

“She is a woman who really acts like abortion is murder. She is doing everything in her power to try to stop it.”

“We get so caught up in matters of the law, about how to avoid trouble and confrontation, that we overlook what really is happening: the killing of babies — everyday — all around us.”

“Mary brings the Life of the unborn child to the centrefold of the Pro-Life movement.”

To visit or write Mary:

Vanier Centre for Women
665 Martin St.
Milton Ontario
L9T 5E6

Visitors muss call the prison at least 48 hours in advance and show up at least 15 minutes before the visit. Phone #: 905-876-8300.