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(LifeSiteNews) – Pro-life Saskatchewan businessman Joseph Bourgault cleared the last major hurdle to enter the Conservative Party of Canada (CPC) leadership race after successfully raising enough funds for the entry fee and obtaining sufficient nomination signatures.

“We have raised the full amount and have sent this balance to the Conservative Party for verification and approval.  The signatures have been reviewed by the Conservative Party and we have confirmed 500 valid signatures,” said Ryan Olson, who serves as Bourgault’s campaign chairman, to LifeSiteNews.

In speaking with LifeSiteNews, Bourgault said he is “honoured and humbled for the opportunity to become the leader of the Conservative Party.”

“To everyone who supported me with donations, signatures, and volunteered to support my candidacy, we thank you!”

The entry fee for the CPC leadership contest entry fee totals $300,000. Last week, Bourgault made the first cut to enter the leadership race after submitting the first $50,000 fee.

Bourgault in total has raised almost $400,000 and received around 1,000 nomination signatures. He is now waiting for final approval from the CPC.

Today is the deadline for CPC candidates to submit the remainder of the $300,000 fee along with 500 verified nomination signatures.

Last week, Bourgault received an endorsement from hockey legend Theo Fleury, a retired Canadian Olympic gold medalist and Stanley Cup champion.

Bourgault has been on the road in recent weeks speaking in western Canada.

He told LifeSiteNews that he is “grateful to our campaign team, Team Canada, for their exceptional hard work and dedication to make this possible.”

“Although this is an exciting milestone, we are just getting started and I’m ready to represent Canadians in the upcoming Leadership Debates,” Bourgault said.

Bourgault is the president and CEO of Bourgault Tillage Tools and founder of “Canadians for Truth, Freedom, and Justice.”

Campaign Life Coalition (CLC) gave him its full endorsement, saying he is a “stellar pro-life, pro-family candidate who will also advocate for religious freedom, free speech and against authoritarian mandates on abortion-tainted vaccines.”

Indeed, Bourgault on his website has a section called “Creating a Pro Life and Family Culture.”

Bourgault said he stands for “Truth, Freedom, and Justice for all,” and that he is opposed to COVID vaccine mandates and vaccine passports.

Bourgault also has the support of Dr. Roger Hodkinson and Dr. Daniel Nagase, two Canadian doctors who have spoken out against both the COVID lockdowns as well as the COVID vaccines and mandates.

CLC also endorsed CPC MPs Marc Dalton and Leslyn Lewis, and gave a green light to Grant Abraham.

CPC front-runner Pierre Poilievre has a “red-light” rating for his voting record regarding abortion. However, he, like Lewis, has come out strongly against federal COVID vaccine mandates.

Also, CLC has red-flagged former Quebec Premier and CPC leadership candidate Jean Charest for his poor voting record regarding life issues.

At least nine candidates reached the first deadline to run in the leadership race for the CPC last week.

The CPC will announce a winner on September 10.

Help the Campaign Life Coalition Internship Program: LifeFunder