(LifeSiteNews) – A pro-life lawyer has praised Justice Samuel Alito’s recently leaked draft opinion as “truly remarkable.”  

In an exclusive interview with pro-life lawyer and activist Royce Hood, LifeSiteNews’ John Henry Westen reviewed the legal and social implications of Alito’s leaked majority opinion in the Dobbs vs. Jackson Women’s Health Organization case. 

“This opinion has some language in there that is remarkable,” said Hood. “For instance, the Mississippi law refers to—in the past it was, you know, a fetus, right—Mississippi law refers to it as an unborn human being, and the court adopts that language in this draft opinion, which I find to be truly remarkable.” 

Hood says one of the reasons for the draft opinion’s powerful impact is that legislators in Mississippi carefully crafted the law under review using compelling language and scientific reasoning to advance both factual and pro-life thinking at the high court. 

“So, what Mississippi did was, they actually took a hard look at things that science today knows to be true, and they codified that in their legislation,” Hood explained. “And so Alito and the majority in this draft opinion take a look at those facts, and say these are indisputable, these aren’t being questioned by anybody. And so, therefore, we believe that it is in the interest of this country that Roe was wrong, and that this [abortion] decision should be decided by the people within their states.” 

“[A quote] that I found to be really marvelous [is] ‘unborn human being’s heart begins beating at 8 weeks,’ and this is right out of the Missisippi law,” he said. “So much in this opinion has to be dissected; it is truly phenomenal.” 

The pro-life lawyer also noted that the leak raised numerous red flags regarding intent and interferes with the integrity of the judicial process.  

“This is not something that was leaked with good intentions,” said Hood. “This was leaked for one purpose, and that purpose is basically to sow chaos and try to influence the justices to change their mind.”  

He added: “This is pretty egregious that somebody might have leaked this.” 

Hood encouraged both lay person and professional alike to read the draft opinion to advance their understanding of the case. Westen noted that this is a unique opportunity in pro-life history to brush up on one’s pro-life apologetics.  

“The left, the pro-abortion lobby are masters at controlling the narrative,” said Hood.  

“They are going to do everything they can to control the narrative, to demonize the justices, their families, pro-life movement, to demonize this draft opinion … to probably even riot.” 

Despite these intimidation tactics, Hood said that our response should be rooted in prayer.  

“Pray for the justices. Pray for their families,” he said. 

Hood concluded: “It’s going to be a really interesting few weeks.”