ST. PAUL, MN, October 21, 2013 ( – A man has been charged after allegedly hitting Brian Gibson, the executive director or Pro-Life Action Ministries, on Friday. The assault took place outside the large Planned Parenthood abortion facility in St. Paul, Minnesota, where Gibson was sidewalk counseling, and was caught on Planned Parenthood's own security cameras.

According to Gibson a “very tall man” came out of the clinic to smoke while his girlfriend made an appointment inside. Ann, a sidewalk counselor who was with Gibson, called out to the man, offering him some pro-life literature. 

“He walked over toward Ann and began to verbally assault her with high doses of profanity,” recounted Gibson. “I was standing on the other side of the driveway apron and called out to him in defense of Ann. I made a gentle, yet firm request that he stop talking to her that way.” 


At that point the man turned his attention to Gibson, yelling into his face.  “It was at this point he punched me in the chest with an open hand,” said Gibson. “I made sure I kept from making any moves that could be construed as aggressive as he continued to barrage me verbally.” 

“He went so far as to tell me to get out of his face and that he had anger management issues. I could tell that fairly easily,” Gibson said. “Then he hit me again in the same manner. This time I told him the police would be called.” 

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As the man walked away, Gibson says he told him that he needed “to open his heart to God and that God could deliver him from his anger.” 

“I made sure he was a good 30 feet away from me before telling him that,” Gibson quipped. 

When police arrived they reviewed the footage on Planned Parenthood’s security cameras, and charged the man with fifth degree assault.

Gibson assured his supporters that he is “fine,” and that “God’s grace was all over me during this.  Not only did I not react to be swatted at, I was surprisingly calm throughout the entire incident.”

The pro-life activist said this was the first time an angry father had assaulted him in his many years protesting outside the clinic.

“Please pray for all sidewalk counselors who work to intervene to save the lives of our precious unborn brothers and sisters and who minister to those seeking abortions,” he added.