By John-Henry Westen

Philippe Couillard  QUEBEC CITY, February 22, 2007 ( – Sparks have already started to fly in Quebec just after Premier Jean Charest announced the date of the provincial election to be March 26, 2007.  The leader of the pro-life group Campagne Quebec Vie (Campaign Life Quebec) is calling for the defeat of the current Health Minister Philippe Couillard for bringing late term abortion into the province.

  In 2004, the media revealed that some Canadian women were travelling to the United States for late term abortions, when the mothers were more than six months pregnant. About 30 women travelled there for such procedures in 2003. Each of those abortions cost taxpayers $5,000. 

  At the time Minister Couillard pledged to make late term abortions available in the province.  He sent Canadian physicians to the US for training in late term abortion.  Last summer, well known Quebec paediatrician Dr. Jean-Francois Chicoine revealed on Montreal radio station 98.5 FM that very late term abortions were taking place in an undisclosed location in downtown Montreal.

  Luc Gagnon, President of Campagne Quebec Vie told that Couillard “has not helped at all in fostering the culture of life in Quebec.”  Gagnon added, “He deserves to be defeated in his new riding of Jean Talon,” for bringing in late term abortion.

  Gagnon also noted that the Quebec government under Liberal Leader Jean Charest has been a great disappointment.  Gagnon noted that the province did not even appeal a court order to pay out $13 million to women who underwent abortions in the province to refund extra billing fees for abortions which were over and above what taxpayers already covered.