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March 27, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) – Ryan Bomberger is an Emmy award-winning creative professional and international public speaker. He co-founded in 2009 The Radiance Foundation, which he started with his wife Bethany. One of the most well known pro-life leaders in America, Bomberger discusses his unique upbringing, social justice, and the impact abortion has had on the black community in the United States in this episode of the Van Maren Show.

Bomberger is one of ten adopted children in a diverse family of 15. His birth mother gave him up for adoption after being raped, a fact he tells host Jonathan Van Maren inspired his passion for life. “If I had to sum it up: adoption is love. Adoption is mercy. Adoption is social justice.”

Married with four children, two of whom are adopted, Bomberger realized in 8th grade just what abortion was and that he had a desire to tell stories. The Radiance Foundation, focuses on four main areas: 1) Pro-life ads and billboard campaigns 2) multimedia presentations across the world and on college campuses 3) journalism and 4) outreach to pregnant women.

Bomberger and Van Maren discuss his book Not Equal: Civil Rights Gone Wrong and how groups like the NAACP and others in the civil rights movement sold out to Planned Parenthood. Jesse Jackson “was pro-life up until he ran for president on the Democrat ticket in 1984,” Bomberger notes. “It’s amazing what politics will do to your principles.”

The two also discuss the dark history of the abortion industry and Margaret Sanger. “I mean, you hear social justice warriors all the time denouncing racism, racism, racism. It's everywhere. It’s in TV shows. In the news media. It's in schools. It's in, you know, in Hollywood. It's everywhere except in the one industry that kills for a living. I mean where abortion rates are up to five times higher among the black community here in New York City,” Bomberger says.

Bomberger also discusses Black Lives Matter, which he calls “a destructive secular movement that is hostile to Christianity,” and the errors of the “seamless garment” approach. “The problem is you've got a society now that wants to redefine everything. The language matters and they understand that. That's why they want to control language.”

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