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DALLAS, Texas, December 23, 2105 (LifeSiteNews) — Pro-life leader Jeanneane Maxon is out of surgery — and according to her Facebook page, malignant brain cancer that caused her to lose partial feeling and to be in two hospitals over the last week is completely removed.

Last week, Maxon had been preparing to travel to Texas for Christmas, but the trip was delayed by a hospital visit in Arlington, Virginia, and then a transfer to a Dallas-area hospital.

“There was a mass behind my right lobe,” she told LifeSiteNews shortly before transferring. She explained that she “had severe headaches, and lost all feeling in my left arm and face.”

“It's bad,” she said. “Best thing right now are for as many people to pray as possible.”

For years, Maxon has worked behind the scenes to pass pro-life legislation at the state and national level as part of Americans United for Life (AUL). AUL is the nation's leader on state-level pro-life legislation, a record number of which have been introduced and passed into law in recent years.

Her cancer, diagnosed last week, inspired scores of posts of support and prayer, including the hashtag #TeamJeanneane, on Facebook and Twitter.