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Alfie Evans on April 23, 2018 hours before he was removed from his ventilator. Thomas Evans / Facebook screen-grab

ROME, April 27, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) – Italy’s most recognized pro-life voice told LifeSiteNews in an exclusive interview that if laws do not change quickly to help babies like Alfie Evans, “infanticide will become the norm.”

“We are living in these past few days the case of little Alfie: We must be well aware that if we do not react now, infanticide will become the norm,” said Virginia Coda Nunziante, President of Associazione Famiglia Domani. Nunziante is the country’s leading pro-life voice who has mobilized Italians to stand up for life amid the country’s increasingly secularized culture.

Virginia Coda Nunziante

Nunziante said that at the heart of the matter are ancient spiritual enemies of mankind who desire human sacrifice. 

“The demon is no longer satisfied with the blood of millions of victims in the womb of their mothers [by abortion]: now things have passed to the next step, the killing of infants. It is the new holocaust that the devil demands to be offered to him by modern man,” she said. 

Pro-life advocates have highlighted the connection between abortion and the bloodthirsty, ritual sacrifice of babies to a demonic god that occurred throughout history and across cultures. 

Zachary King, a former high wizard in a satanic church, has called abortion a “satanic sacrifice,” saying that the devil hates the innocence of children. The late Cardinal Carlo Caffarra called the murder of children through abortion a “sacrilegious act,” adding that it is an attempt by Satan to “generate an ‘anti-creation’” that mocks God's creation. 

Alfie Evans, who is just under the age of two, remains in Alder Hey hospital in Liverpool after being removed from his ventilator Monday evening. He defied doctors’ expectations by beginning to breathe on his own. Parents Tom and Kate have been fighting every step of the way for their son to be given oxygen, food, and water. They have asked the courts to allow their son to travel to Italy for treatment, but in a series or rulings this week, the courts sided with the hospital. 

A video taken Monday evening by Tom Evans, on what was supposed to be his son's “execution” day, shows the 23-month-old toddler responsive and alert, blinking and looking around the room. 

A British Politician launched a campaign yesterday for “Alfie’s law” to give parents more say over their children’s medical care.