June 17, 2009 ( – Since the murder of George Tiller, the Kansas late-term abortionist, several pro-life leaders have been receiving credible death threats, according to a report at

Jill Stanek, a pro-life blogger and columnist, Troy Newman, from Operation Rescue, and Fr. Frank Pavone, from Priest for Life, have all received death threats from at least one person, whom Stanek says is a pro-abortion activist whose mother has aborted a number of siblings.

Stanek has been a particular target of the ire of pro-abortion activists who believe that the “rhetoric” of the mainstream pro-life movement is responsible for Tiller’s murder. Last week she was singled out as the “worst person in the world” by MSNBC host Keith Olbermann, who accused Stanek of posting the addresses of the abortion facilities of late-term abortionists – a charge that Stanek says is completely false.

“Let me know which address is right, there's a few I could post. Or I could just drive around the houses and wait to see which one you walk out of…. Don't worry, I will find it,” states one threat Stanek received.

On the blog of Priests for Life, of which Fr. Frank Pavone is the head, an anonymous writer wrote: “Killing Father Frank will not be murder. It will be justifiable homicide.”

Fr. Pavone also received another threat directed at him which says:

“I am predicting that there will be more anti-abortion terror because of this election. I AM ALSO PREDICTING THAT THIS TIME IT WILL BE ANSWERED IN KIND BY PRO-CHOICE COUNTERTERRORISTS, who will mount similar terrorist attacks against well-known right-to-lifers. FATHER FRANK will be a natural target for pro-choice counterterrorists.

“I therefore advise you, Fr Frank, if you read that there has been another abortion-clinic shooting or bombing, get out of town immediately. Take a vacation abroad. Go visit the Vatican. If there is another act of anti-abortion terror, your life will not be safe in the USA.

“Good luck.”

Another message said: “Father Frank, It would make me very happy if someone were to respond to this by snuffing YOU. No fooling. Right-to-lifers, in my book, no longer have a right to life.”

Fr. Pavone told that he needs armed escorts when he is at speaking engagements, although this is nothing new for him. Pavone said that protesters frequently disrupt his presentations and radical pro-abortion groups will sometimes express their intent to engage in violent demonstrations before his visits to various places.

Stanek is presently under police and federal protection.

Federal Agents are investigating the threats.

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