OTTAWA, August 24, 2004 ( – As Liberals gather to brainstorm for the throne speech to be delivered to Canadian Parliament in six weeks time, pro-life Liberal MP’s are worried that the abortion and homosexual marriage issues will be pushed into the sidelines.  “Our first mission [at the meeting] and our sole priority must be to remain exclusively focused on getting our agenda and platform implemented,” CTV quoted pro-life Ontario MP Dan McTeague. “Everything else is secondary and a distraction.” However, it remains to be seen how the outspokenly pro-life McTeague and the now larger percentage of social conservative Liberal MPs will act to halt their party’s extreme agenda against life and family.

The response of the pro-life, pro-family Liberal MPs to the announced nomination today of two ideological feminists to the Supreme Court who, if appointed, will gravely set back hopes for fair decisions from that activist court, will be the first critical test of those MPs commitment to their nation and their principles or to their party.  For most of the Liberal caucus, principles, as usual, are likely to place a distant second place, if any place, to their trump issue of making the minority government work. This is expected even as the nation is showing signs of ominous long-term social damage resulting from a demographic and moral deficit caused by the imposition of a culture of death, childlessness and institutional corruption.  Still, Prime Minister Paul Martin is facing pressure from social conservative elements in his party, who endured his demeaning near fanaticism in favour of abortion and same-sex marriage during the recent election campaign.  With other Liberals, Ontario MP Pat O’Brien is worried that the Liberal party will stifle all debate and demand that its members support same-sex marriage and abortion. “We want to make sure the Liberal party does not go the way of the NDP on these issues,” said O’Brien. “I want to stress to the prime minister and the rest of the Liberal caucus that we’d better ensure we’re allowing that debate within the Liberal party.”  O’Brien warned the Liberal party that by failing to do so, they would alienate large numbers of pro-life Canadians who are so far still supportive of the Liberal party.  jmo