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U.S. Senator-elect John Kennedy of Louisiana

Newly elected Congressman Mike Johnson of Louisiana

LOUISIANA, December 12, 2016 (LifeSiteNews) — Republicans gained another House and another Senate seat this weekend, when voters elected John Kennedy as Louisiana's next U.S. Senator and state Rep. Mike Johnson,  R-Bossier City, to represent Louisiana's 4th Congressional District.

Louisiana doesn't have primaries; instead, all candidates run against each other in November, and if no one gets 50 percent of the votes, the top two face off again in December. 

National Right to Life endorsed Kennedy. His opponent, Democrat Foster Campbell, also ran on a pro-life platform. Carol Tobias, the president of National Right to Life, said in her endorsement that Kennedy would help “solidify the pro-life majority in the U.S. Senate.”

During his time in the state legislature, Johnson introduced religious freedom legislation to protect supporters of man-woman marriage from discrimination from the government. As a constitutional lawyer, Johnson has defended state pro-life laws in court. 

Family Research Council Action President Tony Perkins, a former Louisiana legislator, said he was “grateful that Louisianans voted overwhelmingly to send Mike Johnson and John Kennedy to Congress.”

“I'm excited that Mike Johnson will represent Louisiana in Congress,” said Perkins. “I've seen firsthand Mike's consistent commitment to the tenets that have made our state and our nation great: faith, family and freedom. In Congress, I know he will be a champion for religious liberty just as he was in the state legislature. Mike has demonstrated not only a deep understanding of the U.S. Constitution but also a commitment to upholding and defending it.”

He continued, “I congratulate John Kennedy for winning his race and I'm confident that he will stand for faith, family, and freedom in the U.S. Senate. John has committed to not just talking about the important issues but actually addressing them. I know John will work to confirm justices who will respect the Constitution and not legislate from the bench. He will be an advocate for the unborn, our individual liberties, and for family values.”