September 11, 2013 ( – “Thump-thp’…thump-thp’…thump-thp’…” 

The closing scene of a devastated man resting his weary head on his wife’s pregnant belly, finding renewal through the heartbeats of his unborn child, has moved millions around the world. 


The Hungarian shadow-act troupe Attraction left judges and audience in tears after its June semi-final performance in Britain’s Got Talent that propelled them to the winner’s stage.

It was the second time that their act had projected a life-affirming message. In April the troupe danced the story of a man and woman falling in love, marrying, and creating a baby by their love. That story also depicted family as a beautiful community that welcomes and treasures new life.

In their follow-up performance in June, the troupe’s act revealed the blessing of relationship in the human experience through vivid moving shadows set to emotive music. Beautiful scenes of relationship in the course of a human life meld, one into another, as the shadow dancers masterfully work their craft.

A mother lovingly places her baby son into a cradle. The scene blends into the boy taking his first steps, stumbling into the arms of his mother where she is there to catch him. The young man, now graduated from college, meets a woman. They dance, fall in love, and marry.

The man receives a tragic phone call. He rushes to the bedside of his sick mother where she dies in his arms. Her soul ascends above. 

The man sinks into grief and sadness. In this darkest moment, his wife approaches him with outstretched arm. She draws him close to her blossoming pregnant belly. He leans close to hear the “thump-thp’…thump-thp’…thump-thp’…” of a strong and steady heartbeat. The curtains close with the man listening intently to the heartbeat. 

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Simon Cowell, infamous for his blunt and often insulting criticisms of performers on the show, wiped away tears at the story’s end. 

The story’s message is simple yet profound: Where there’s life, there’s hope. The young life inside the mother’s womb is able to draw the broken man out of the ashes, giving him reason live, reason to hope, reason to believe. 

The quality of relationship he experienced with his mother he must now pass on to his child. 

Zoltan Scuzs, leader of the dance troupe, said he crafted the story to honor his mother Katherine, whom he lost to cancer two years ago, when she was 63. 

“I believe the most important relationship is that of a mother and son. Perhaps it is the most wonderful thing there is,” Zoltan said, who is the father of two. 

“We dedicated the semi-final performance to my mum. She died as she lay in my arms. It was the most traumatic, saddest moment of my life,” he said.